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  • Hotel Furniture

    When thinking of buying hotel furniture, you want to be assured that you are buying something that looks nice but is equally comfortable and durable. Having customers come and go, it’s also important that the furniture is easy to keep clean and robust.

    Having supplied all different kinds of venues over the years, we think we have all of these boxes ticked when it comes to hotel furniture. Whether it be for your Reception, Bar, Restaurant or Rooms, we have a wide range of products and designs to fit all specifications and tastes.

    Recent Projects

    The three images below are from a recent project we did whereby they required furniture for their Reception, Bar, Lounge area and Rooms. This client had a colour scheme in mind in their downstairs rooms and bedrooms. We made sure we helped to guide them to which colours would work well and which chairs and tables would best suit their needs.

    All of the dining chairs were our popular comfy Lisbon chairs in a mixture of different tones of Blues, Neutrals and Greys. This is the perfect example of how versatile our furniture is.

    The final image below is from another recent project we supplied. This customer just wanted to update their Restaurant area which was looking a little tired. With our comfy Banbury Dining chairs in a mix “n” match of external fabrics from Clarke & Clarke and Prestigious, these chairs really give the place a lift.

  • Outdoor furniture for Pubs, Cafes and Restaurants

    Outdoor space has become the number one ‘must have’ when it comes to choosing a property and it’s no surprise wen you think of how 2020 has unfolded. And of course, it’s just the same for clients choosing a pub or a restaurant to buy, lease or rent. Outdoor furniture for pubs, cafes and restaurants feature heavily in the purchases made this year for publican and restaurateurs to both increase and tidy up their precious outdoor space.

    Types of outdoor furniture

    Top of the list is the ever faithful wooden picnic bench which forms such an iconic part of the British pub garden and pavement eateries. Solid, safe and planted firmly onto the spot you can seat 6 easily without stability concerns and in the knowledge that it doesn’t have to be packed away each night. Many other styles of tables and chairs are available but none have seen the durability and longevity of appeal as this simple A frame wooden picnic bench. It’s right up there with the Bar stool and a pint of craft ale when it comes to tradition and familiarity.

    Most customers are happy with the natural pressure treated durable finish they are supplied in, but we’ve seen them painted by our customers in every colour from smart battleship grey to pretty pink – well they do say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

    The pressure treated FSC compliant pine is fully sustainable and with a little TLC these wooden picnic benches can last for years and years making the perfect outdoor furniture for pubs, cafes and restaurants.

    Making the very most of your outdoor space with outdoor furniture for pubs, cafes and restaurants.

  • Restaurant furniture

    Supplying restaurant furniture is a large part of what we do at Pub Stuff. Having a vast range of clients throughout the leisure and hospitality sector, we are providing restaurant furniture to various outlets. Pubs with dining areas, hotel restaurants, leisure outlets with restaurants such as golf clubs etc and many more. Therefore, we have a wide range of different styles to fit different types of venues and specifications.

    Wood colours

    We mainly sell four different colour woods in our dining range, allowing us to give our customers some choice when deciding on their restaurant furniture. Dark Walnut and Soft Oak are our longest running wood colours, so, these are for a more traditional look. We then have Weathered Oak and Vintage which are both newer styles. These were introduced to bring us a more modern and contemporary look that a lot more of our customers are wanting for their restaurant furniture.

    For more intimate dining, we supply square dining tables which can comfortably sit two people but as you can see in the below images, can also easily sit four. This obviously depends on the kind of dining experience you want your customers to have. We also supply a range of rectangle dining tables which comfortably seats four, but you can easily get two more chairs on the end. Images shown below show how this can be done, with one image even having two rectangles pushed together to seat eight people.

    Dining tables and chairs  

    Pub Stuff have a wide range of dining chairs to suit all kinds of dining in our restaurant furniture. We have fully covered, extremely comfortable chairs which are our Banbury’s, Avon’s, and Luigi’s, both Avon’s and Luigi’s are pictured below. We also have several dining chairs that are majority wooden with either a wooden seat, a padded seat, or a padded seat and back. These three options for our customers provide choice with look, price, and comfort.

    Our dining chairs are available in all of our Pub Stuff fabrics but we can also order any fabric from external companies. This allows us to create any look and feel our customers are after when buying their restaurant furniture.

    Restaurant images

    The Pied Bull in image two decided on a combination of Dark Walnut and Weathered Oak dining tables and chairs, with a mixture of different fabrics. As you can see, they wanted that ‘mix match’ effect and it seems to work well in this restaurant. Whereas, the other two images show our clients furniture in either all Dark Walnut or all Weathered Oak. Whichever route you decide to go when picking your restaurant furniture, we will be there to guide you all the way to your desired look.

    The Loose Box Dark Walnut Chunky Square Dining Tables and Avon Dining Chairs
    A combination of Weathered Oak and Dark Walnut Dining Chairs and Tables
    Weathered Oak Rectangle Dining Tables with a mix of Luigi, Ohio, Rimini and Traditional High Back Dining Chairs.
  • Bar Tables

    If you’re looking for Bar Tables for your venue, then look no further! Over the last 19 years, we have built up a great deal of knowledge about what our customers want and need when buying Bar Tables.

    Whether it’s a H-Frame Poseur Table to fit 6 customers around or a Pedestal Poseur Table to fit 2 people around, we have a small selection of Bar Tables to suit all tastes and functions.

    H-Frame Poseur Table:

    Our most popular line of Bar Tables are our H-Frame Poseur Tables which come in Rectangle (1600mm x 700mm and 1200mm x 700mm) and Square (700mm x 700mm) in a variety of wood colours Dark Walnut, Soft Oak and Weathered Oak. The 1600mm Bar Table can comfortably sit 6 people on Bar Chairs, with the 1200mm sitting 4 and the 700mm sitting 2.

    These H-Frame Bar Tables are renowned for their robust, sturdy nature in all types of venues. Whether you own a Rugby Club or a trendy wine bar, these Bar Tables are a sure winner for any eating and drinking around the bar needs.

    That added extra!

    To make them a little bit more trendy and unique, these H-Frame Bar Tables have the option of coming with Cream or Grey painted legs to brighten your venue.

    Image shown below shows a Dark Walnut H-Frame Poseur Table with Cream painted legs.

    As this image shows, the Cream legs on the Bar Tables in this venue go a long way to brighten up this space and give it that modern feel they were looking for.

    Pedestal Poseur Bar Table

    Our other popular Bar Table used for either sitting 2 comfortably on Bar Chairs or Stools, or standing with a drink near the bar is our Pedestal Poseur table. This Bar Table comprises of a heavy, solid single base and a round top of 700mm dimension in Dark Walnut and Soft Oak or 760mm in Vintage. We also do this Pedestal Poseur with a Square top which is 700mm x 700mm in Dark Walnut and Soft Oak and 760mm x 760mm in Vintage.

    We also do this Pedestal Poseur with a Square top which is 700mm x 700mm in Dark Walnut and Soft Oak and 760mm x 760mm in Vintage.

    These Pedestal Poseur Bar Tables can also be purchased with a Cream or Grey painted base for an extra charge. This again just takes this table from a traditional look to a more modern and contemporary look.

    The first image below shows a Round Top Pedestal Poseur table in Dark Walnut and then the second image shows a venue who had Dark Walnut Bases paired with Mid Oak Tops.

    This is the beauty of these tables because you can mix and match between out wood colours, as often the Dark Walnut looks very stylish paired with the Mid Oak top.

  • Contract furniture for any venue

    Having supplied contract furniture to a wide range of the leisure and hospitality industry for over 19 years, we have the product knowledge and expertise in our team to help and guide our customers through buying new contract furniture for their venue.

    Whether it be a small purchase of a table and four chairs, or a whole refurbishment, we have our experienced team on hand to offer advice on what would suit your certain brief and budget.

    Industry knowledge

    At Pub Stuff, we have spent many years building our industry knowledge and customer base to find what our customers want when buying contract furniture for their venues. We are always conducting market research within the field to ensure we are up with new trends and standards within the industry.

    We have a good relationship with many external fabric suppliers in the contract furniture industry which enables us to suggest a wide range of fabrics outside of our own range to make sure our customers get the exact look they are after.

    Examples of our work

    The image below is from a recent project we did at the Angmering Manor Hotel where they had a whole refurbishment of their restaurant and bar.  This customer had a certain look in mind so a member of our design team put a mood board together of what she thought would suit their brief and venue and here it is! Our Banbury Dining chairs are one of our most popular dining chairs in our range as they suit various contract furniture sites. Covered in these bright floral fabrics from an external supplier, they really do lift this venue and make a big statement.

    This photo from The Merchants House Hotel also shows our contract furniture in full swing in their bar restaurant with lots of our Lisbon dining chairs and dining tables. They wanted a more traditional look so used our own Pub Stuff fabrics to create a traditional look with a modern twist.

  • Café tables for your venue

    If you’re looking for Café tables for your venue, you’re going to want to ensure you have covered all of your ‘wants and needs’.

    When we think of Café tables, we wanted to provide a wide variety of different sizes, shapes and styles to fit with the exact you are going for in your Café. Whether it be a country Café, a city café or a contempory café, we have a large range of coffee, dining and poseur café tables for you.

    The look you want

    Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, will determine the style of Café tables you are after. Below I have included two different styles of cafes, one wanting a contemporary/barn style café and the other wanting a country look.

    Cafes we have supplied

    The image below from The Larch Barn features our very popular Farmhouse Dining Tables in Weathered Oak, some with cream legs and some with Weathered Oak legs, for that mix-match modern look. Filtering this through to their dining chairs also, having a mixture of two styles, Ohio dining chairs in Weathered Oak and Chapel Chairs in Cream. The combination of these Café tables and dining chairs achieves the perfect style for their contempory barn venue.

    The Larch Barn

    The image below from Awberry Tea Rooms also features our Farmhouse Dining Tables with Soft Oak tops and Cream legs. This is a very popular choice if you are going for that ‘country café’ look. Accompanied with our cream country dining chairs with a Soft Oak wooden seat, this is the perfect combination to achieve this country style.

    We have done various other styles of cafes such as rustic, traditional and urban, depending on the customer and their wants. For these styles we would perhaps suggest our Chunky Dining or Coffee Tables or our Stowe or Boston Dining tables which would be better placed in these styles of venue.

  • Furniture finance for your venue

    If you’re thinking about new furniture, you’re going to be looking closely at the prices and working out how to finance your project.  As a business owner this is a constant thought process looking at cash flow and balancing the need against the benefits new furniture will make to your venue.

    A sustained 30% uplift can be expected from a general refurbishment but sometimes it’s even better. At Pub Stuff, our aim is to give our customers their final goal in the most cost effective way. Here’s what Claire at The Horseshoe had to say about her recent project:

    “We are absolutely thrilled the pub is transformed we have increased our sales 65-70%, it looks traditional, warm and modern. We can’t wait to start on other pub with the help of Pub Stuff’s designs….”

    When it comes to financing your project, you may want to consider a lease purchase arrangement and spread your costs over a period of time. Pub Stuff work closely with Kennet Leasing so that we can offer our customers furniture finance. Kennet Leasing are leaders in their field and have a great reputation in securing finance for both established and new start up businesses.

    Here is a link to the Furniture Finance calculator on the Pub stuff website which can help you decide if this is the option you feel suits you. Follow this link and play around with figures to see an accurate representation of what the furniture finance payment structure could look like:

    It’s a simple process and we are here to help. Just call our friendly sales team – tell us what you’ll need and we’ll handle the rest. Someone from Kennet will contact you quickly and before you know it you’ll be experiencing business growth just like Claire.

    Furniture financeThe Horseshoe Pub


    Furniture finance 

    The Horseshoe Pub

  • Continuous Chairs Service

    Help the environment with our replacement seat pad service.

    Make your budget stretch a little further with our Continuous Chairs service. Replace all of your chair seat pads at a fraction of the cost of buying a new chair, making them look brand new and using a sustainable system. In just a few easy steps we’ll take the fear out of refurb and give your beautiful new seat pads completely hassle free without you having to barely lift a finger!

    Our new ‘Continuous Chairs’ service is a cost-effective process whereby we replace your seat pads, prolonging chair life. This service will be a sustainable solution, providing a reusable bag to send up to 10 seat pads for refurbishment. An easy way to maintain your brand integrity and high standards without having to buy new chairs.

    Continuous Chairs bag containing seat pads

    This is done in 6 easy steps.

    Here's How it works....

    o   Step 1 – Contact Pub Stuff to place order (Starting from only £169, extra charges may apply). Maximum of 10 seat pads.

    o   Step 2 - Receive your bag with instruction sheet and drill.

    o   Step 3 – Remove your seat pads.

    o   Step 4 – Call us to collect. Collection will be within 48 hours.

    o   Step 5 – Production/Delivery. Recovered seat pads to be reupholstered and delivered back to you within 7 days of collection.

      Step 6 – Repeat the process if you need more than 10 seat pads reupholstered.

    What 'Continuous Chairs' can offer to you:

    - Cost effective solution
    - Ethically sustainable process with reusable bags
    - Maintain your brand integrity and standards
    - Prolongs the chair life

    *Please Note*

    - All bags will be numbered so we are able to trace which bag is for which site throughout the process
    - Prices start from £169 for 10 seat pads, this includes end of roll fabrics. Customer specified fabric will be supplied at an extra cost.

    If you would like to know more about this new service then please call one of our sales team on 01295 758536 or email [email protected]

  • New Fabrics to Pub Stuff

    To give our customers even more choices, we have introduced 21 new fabrics to the Pub Stuff website. Available from today, all fabrics are from the ILIV ranges Braemar, Burghley and Kinloch.

    Below will be an explanation of the 3 new ranges as well as images to show off these great new fabrics and how well they mix together. Happy reading!


    Our new range of Burghley fabrics in 5 different options.

    In this new collection we have 5 new check fabrics to add to our range. Have these on their own or coupled with any of our new Kinloch and Burghley range will set to send your furniture to new levels!

    All Crib 5, our colours include: Charcoal, Indigo, Ochre, Pistachio and Wine.

    Lisbon Dining Chair in Dark Walnut with Braemar Indigo back and Kinloch Riviera Seat.
    Rimini Dining Chair in Dark Walnut with Braemar Ochre upholstery.


    Our new range of Burghley fabrics in 8 different options.

    With 8 new fabrics, the Burghley range is another versatile group of colours to use alongside the Braemar/Kinloch fabrics for a mix match effect or on their own! Either way they look great.

    Luigi Dining Chair in Dark Walnut with Braemar Indigo back and Burghley Midnight seat.
    Traditional High Stool in Soft Oak with Burghley Charcoal fabric.

    All Crib 5, the 8 colours in this range are: Charcoal, Claret, Mustard, Tan, Bark, Midnight, Forest and Dark Taupe.


    Our new range of Kinloch fabrics in 8 different options.

    Finally, the new Kinloch range is something to desire. They look stunning on their own, but also look as great paired with the Braemar, Burghley or any Pub Stuff fabrics.

    Our Rimini Bar Chair in Dark Walnut with Kinloch Pistachio fabric.
    Avon Dining Chair in Dark Walnut with Braemar Charcoal back and Kinloch Biscuit seat.

    All Crib 5, the colours include: Biscuit, Wine, Indigo, Riviera, Ochre, Heather, Pistachio and Mushroom.

    If you would like to know more about our new fabric ranges visit our new products page or call one of our sales team on 01295 758536 or email [email protected]

  • Case Study - The Three Horseshoes, Princethorpe

    Last week we had the pleasure of visiting Rebecca Taylor, landlady of The Three Horseshoes in Princethorpe after supplying the furniture for their recent refurbishment. Upon meeting Rebecca, we had a short chat about the refurbishment, asking some very important questions such as, why did she choose us?
    Continue reading below to find out more…

    1. Can you give me a quick overview of your business?
    "We are a country pub that does live music and once our kitchen is finished, we would like to be a food based venue."

    The Three Horseshoes - Dining area featuring our Gunmetal Grey dining chairs padded seat and back.     

    2. What was the main reason for the redesign of your Pub?
    "The pub was very tired and outdated so we wanted a whole new revamp to bring us up to date."

    3. Why when thinking of ideas for new furniture, did you choose Pub Stuff?
    "We went on recommendation from Enterprise who use Pub Stuff often for their furniture so they advised we went and had a look at your showroom as it was local to see what we liked."

    The Three Horseshoes - Bar/Dining area showing Traditional Low bar stools in Dark Walnut and Stowe Pedestal base in cream.

    4. Why did you choose the products you now have in your Pub?
    "We wanted a more modern and contemporary feel to the venue but with comfy seating and dining areas so Nicole advised the Lisbon, Chapel and Xavier chairs for dining and then the Warwick chairs for comfortable seating for drinks in the bar area. We still wanted to keep within the country pub look though so we still had some traditional items such as the traditional low stools, pedestal tables etc but gave them a modern twist with a lick of paint and contemporary fabrics."

    The Three Horseshoes - Image shows our Warwick Mid Height Bar Chair in Weathered Oak.

    5. When redesigning the pub, did you have any involvement from another designer such as furniture quote? If so, please specify:
    "Enterprise sourced a designer who came out to the venue and had a look around to advise what kind of thing we should go for and what we should have in each area. They suggested certain colours and looks and then we went from there."

    The Three Horseshoes - Dining area showing Weathered Oak Country dining chair padded with iLIV fabric.

    6. Were any other contractors involved with the redesign or did you do it by yourself?
    "Concord contractors"

    7. How much was the whole cost of your Pub refurbishment?
    "The whole cost was approx. £60k"

    The Three Horseshoes - Bar/Dining area showing Traditional Low bar stools in Dark Walnut and Stowe Pedestal base in cream.

    8. Overall, were you happy with the process from contact, design and delivery of your products?

    "We were extremely happy with the whole process from start to finish. Pub stuff were very accommodating when we asked if we could do extra things to their furniture. Nicole was great and really helped us when we were trying to decide what furniture we wanted."

    Other comments:

    "I went to the Ei Show and after seeing the Pub Stuff stand, I wasn’t going to order from you because the items looked more for a traditional pub. Upon visiting the Pub Stuff showroom and explaining what I was after, the staff were very accommodating and made sure they could do exactly what I wanted as I asked for extra padding on the back on the Xavier chair and you did it. I was too quick to strike you off after just seeing you at the show, thinking you wouldn’t be able to do the more modern, contemporary designer look but I was wrong! I am really pleased that Enterprise recommended you because I have been so pleased with your service and products. I would definitely recommend you and use you again."

    The Three Horseshoes - Dining area with padded back Xavier dining chairs as mentioned above.

    Thank you for reading our Case Study today, keep an eye out for our next one in a couple of weeks!

    If you would like to know more information about any of the products shows in the blog please call one of our sales team on 01295 758536 or email [email protected] today.

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