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What piece of furniture could sum up a bar, pub or club better than a stool?

What piece of furniture could sum up a bar, pub or club better than a stool?  These little gems are littered throughout all types of venues creating seating without taking up too much space.

Typically, space is at a premium in British buildings including pubs, bar and restaurants, and many of which have been around for centuries and low bar stools can be tucked away under dining tables and in corners when they aren’t needed and wheeled out to take centre stage when extra seating becomes important.

low stools in situ 1

Pub Stuff offer a choice of Low Stools

There are 5 completely different styles of low stools in the Pub Stuff furniture range which just goes to show how popular they are.

Add in the different choices of wood, fabrics and paint finishes and the combinations are endless!  Traditional round top stools for pubs and clubs through to contemporary chunky square bar stools and Cubes for bars and reception areas.  My personal favourite is the heavy duty Button Top Stool with its distinctive carved top and hand hold slot. They look stunning in wood and even better with a padded upholstered top.  Add them into your venue for your customers to relax on whilst sipping a great British Ale with friends! Perfection itself.  All Pub Stuff Bar Stools are made to contract furniture standards.

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Pub Stuff Stools

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