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Monthly Archives: August 2018

  • A Selection of our New Products

    Even though we are coming to the end of summer, at Pub Stuff we have been hard at work and created some amazing new products to keep the excitement all the way into autumn and winter. Our main focus has been creating new chairs and some new designs. Below will be these new products and a sneak peek to a product we will be releasing very soon.

    Mid height range
    Our mid-range has been spoken about in a previous blog, but is still new to Pub Stuff. This range has been created give another option for seating in and around your bar. In between dining and poseur height, it is female friendly, perfect for perch height and a great new trend. This includes the Warwick, Rimini and H-Frame Table

    Country Dining Chair with Padded Back and Seat
    Our new country chair with a padded back would fit amazingly into any gaps left by its outdated cousins, the farmhouse or wheel back chair. The new design creates extra comfort, and the neat design helps the chair to be perfect for restaurants, bars and cafes to give an authentic look.

    Lattice Back Dining Chair with Padded Back and Seat
    Similar to the Country Dining Chair, the new Lattice Dining Chair with a padded back adds even more comfort and offers a great new design, including optional studding. The more traditional shape of the lattice chair ensures it is an elegant addition to any country setting but with a modern fabric on the seat is an attractive addition to a community club or suburban restaurant.

    Sneak peek – New version of our Banbury Dining Chair
    This new chair will soon be available on our website. The new design is similar to our current Banbury Dining Chair, but with a smaller back. With comfort and great styling, the chair also adds a luxurious feel to your dining rooms and restaurant.

    All of the chairs above are available in different wood colours and fabric finishes, to make sure that your new chair will suit you space. To find out more visit our website or call one of our sales team today on 01295 758536.

  • Visit our showroom today

    Did you know we have our very own showroom? It is located in Cropredy, Oxfordshire and we have it so we can showcase all of our latest and greatest products. We have created some amazing new products this summer, so this is the perfect way to see them firsthand.

    We aim to have one of every product and every finish available so you can see what you like in person, and decide what products and finishes are best for you and your space. Our offices are open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, and we will always have a member of our sales team here to help you with anything you need.

    Below is a preview of what our showroom looks like and the vast amount of products and finishes we are currently offering.

    If you would like to visit our showroom or talk to our sales team about new products or a re-design of your space call 01295 758536 today.

  • SALE, seconds and discounted products

    We have even more bundles going onto our SALE page this week. These are unwanted products, with some slightly worn. Because of this, we have some great offer for you to match our current products we have on the SALE page. Below will be the 6 different bundles we have for this week including tables, chairs, stools.

    Bundle 1 – Classic Table and Chairs
    The first bundle we are offering consists of 1 x 1200mm x 700mm classic table in dark walnut (please note table delivered flat pack, legs will need to be affixed) & 4 x 1960 lattice back chair in dark walnut and yellow/green weave fabric on the seat pads (imperfections on products shown in pictures).

    Was £335.53 + VAT now £275.00 + VAT.

    Bundle 2 – Poseur Table with Bar Chairs
    The second bundle consists of 1 x square poseur table with H-frame 700mm x 700mm in soft oak with 2 x Ohio bar chairs in soft oak with Nevada caramel faux seat pads.

    Was £319.97 + VAT now £280.00 + VAT.

    Bundle 3 – Traditional chairs
    With this bundle, we are offering 4 x 1940s high back dining chair in dark walnut with plain aubergine seat pads (2 x old style curved finish at top of back rest 2 x new style flat top).

    Was £215.96 + VAT now £160 + VAT.

    Bundle 4 – Poseur Table with Bar Chairs
    The next bundle consists of 1 x square poseur table with H-frame 700mm x 700mm in soft oak with 2 x Ohio bar chairs in soft oak with jasper red/natural seat pads.

    Was £335 + VAT now £285.00 + VAT.

    Bundle 5 – Chunky Stools
    This bundle includes 4 x chunky high dark walnut stools.
    One of the stools has a Sunbury Lalique vellum top, and 3 of the stools have Sunbury Cavelli vellum top.

    Was £267.50 + VAT now £199.00 + VAT.

    Bundle 6 – Xavier Stools
    The final bundle is made up of 4 x Xavier stools. 2 of the stool are in gun metal and 2 are finished in bronze. All stools are covered in Sunbury Eno vellum.

    Was £207.39 + VAT now £145.00 + VAT.

    To find out more about these offers and other great offers we are currently running, visit our SALE page now. Or, if you would like to know more call one of our sales team on 01295 758536 today.

  • Pub Stuff's Furniture Planning Process

    Do you have a space you are looking to re-design but you have no idea what to do? If that's the case then we can help. At Pub Stuff, we have a Pro Planner service to help businesses seek a fresh approach to achieving the new and great look.

    In this service, we will come out to your venue, take measurements, create a 2D and 3D design and send you a mood board so you can choose what products and finishes are best for you.
    In this blog we will go through the steps we take a long the pro planner process, and what the overall outcome is for your business to make sure this service is as beneficial to you as it can be.

    Visiting the site

    On arrival, we like to speak to the client and see what their initial design ideas are and in particular they are looking for. This may include certain products, colours and fabric finishes. Once this has been completed, we will take measurements of the room or building you are looking to redesign so we can create the best images possible for you to see.

    Design – 2D and 3D

    After visiting the site and speaking to customer about their ideas, we will then create a 2D and 3D layout of what your venue would look like after completion. This is a great way to understand what we are offering, and it is also a great chance for customers to bounce back ideas on what they would like to see so we can make improvements straight away.

    Below are example's of 3 different customer sights we have created layouts for, using 2D and 3D design.

    Pub Stuff Mood board

    Also included in the service is your very own personalised mood board. This visually shows you the recommendations we think would look best in your venue. From style of furniture, colour, fabric and even a full room design.

    If you have your own suggestions, then send them over to us and we will make any changes to suit your needs.

    Cost and next steps

    The charge for this service is £399 plus VAT. However, if you like our ideas and place an order over £3,000 excluding VAT and delivery, then a refund of £200 will apply.

    If you would like to know more about this service then visit our Pub Stuff Pro Planner page or call one of our sales team on 01295 758536, where they can arrange visits and any next steps of your design you would like to take.

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