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7 Mar 2023

The call of the beer garden sounds ever closer as we head into Spring. Making sure your outdoor bar space is just as inviting as your interior can have a huge effect on your footfall throughout the summer.

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Selecting the right furniture for your outside bar space makes all the difference - after all, customers will be wanting to relax and stay longer in gardens on those warmer evenings. 

Picnic tables are always a classic go-to for beer gardens, but venues shouldn't feel limited to just one style. Pubstuff stocks 4 different types of benches to suit different needs and capacities. The Truro Round picnic table can seat up to 8 people comfortably and can be paired with one of our Picnic Parasols for shade.

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Alternative seating for your outside bar area doesn't have to just be functional. The Cambridge Cross Back Chair is a perfect option for those extra seats round outdoor tables. Lightweight, stackable, and effortlessly stylish, the Cambridge ticks all the boxes - and it can be easily moved and stored away at the end of the day - perfect! Place your Cambridges round a Milan or Verona with a laminate table top for extra weather proof measures.

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The Riviera outdoor furniture set is perfect for diners in your outside space. This set is sure to stand the test of time, it comes with 4 stackable chairs, and is finished in a rust resistant coating. A great option if your bar area extends into a larger dining space.


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