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19 Apr 2022

Outdoor drinking and dining have seen a huge incline in the recent years, especially with the dreaded covid 19 forcing us all outdoors at certain points over the pandemic. This has therefore seen a big rise in venues needing to up their game with their outdoor furniture, and still now, with people’s preference still being outside.

Whether you are just opening or wanting to refresh the look of your pub garden, roof terrace, patio area or pavement setting, we can help.

We understand the need for Bar outdoor furniture to be stylish whilst also hardwearing, with the durability factor topping the priority charts, as it needs to withstand the unpredictable English weather!

Let’s talk through two important factors to consider when choosing bar outdoor furniture for your establishment:


Laminate: Laminate table tops are designed with a layer of laminate on both sides, making them weather and stain proof. Thus ensuring these table tops can be used outside as longs as they are paired with our metal Milan and Verona Bases. Whether you want your laminate tables to resemble wood or you prefer a pop of colour that matches your other decor, our laminate table tops will come in four different colour tones, two resembling wood (Yukon Oak and Walnut) and two more modern looks (Marble and Toscano). Is your preference round tables, square tables, or smaller rectangular ones? Our table tops will come in each of these shapes in a couple of different size variations. 

2 v3

Metal: Metal bases are not only bang on trend at the current time but are also a great option for bar outdoor furniture, especially when paired with our laminate table tops. Whether you are wanting bar height or normal dining height for your bar outdoor furniture, we supply metal bases in both heights; poseur and dining. We offer two designs, Milan and Verona, in both heights, to provide customers with some choice.

Milan Poseur Square

Wooden: Pub Stuff wooden benches for the more traditional Pub garden look but also, actually a very popular roof terrace option as they provide maximum 'bums on seats' in a small space. They are extremely practical as they can be pushed up against walls if you have a courtyard or roof terrace etc, and can of course withstand the English weather! Some of the main reasons establishments will choose metal and laminate outdoor furniture over wooden benches is that they cannot be stored away easily and they aren't seen as being as 'trendy', but if you aren't worried about storage and you are a hip, roof top bar, these could be the ideal option for your venue.

lbrt 600 2


Choosing to style your outdoor bar area with laminate tops and metal bases in either dining or bar height would be a modern and chic option when designing your area. As mentioned above, not only are these materials extremely durable and weatherproof, they are also fitting in with current trends of the bistro/wine bar look that everyone is after. It is also a more cost effective option when comparing it to wood, when looking at the upfront cost but also the longevity and durability of the materials.

Our metal bases are available for purchase and have been flying off our shelves for several years now, whilst we are awaiting the laminate table tops to add to our collection in just a matter of months.

lbrt 600 2

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