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7 Jul 2022

When buying bar stools, there’s a lot to take into account. Whether you’re purchasing bar stools for your bar, café or restaurant; ensuring you pick the right one is going to have a major impact on both functionality and comfort.

Measure bar/counter height – Measure the height of the counter or bar you are looking to buy bar stools for. This will help you pick the right size.

Take in the space – Make note of the surrounding colours and the style of the room to ensure you get a set of bar stools that go well with their surroundings.

Think about their use – How often will the stools be used? For what purpose? Understanding these things will help you select the right type of stool and the right material.

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What to consider when making your purchase

The style of the stool is one of the first things you should consider. Do you want to overhaul the room’s current style or find something that matches it? Buying bar stools in a different style to the room can completely change the look of your space.

There are many different styles to choose from, ranging from modern contemporary stools to traditional pub bar stools.


There’s no point in buying a new set of bar stools if they’re too uncomfortable to use. Keep in mind who will be using the bar stools the most and what their needs are. A sturdy backrest can really improve the comfort of a bar stool, so if you have the space and you’re planning on using the bar stools regularly then opt for a set of bar stools with a back.

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Bar stools come in a range of different materials, ranging from just a wooden seat and back to just a fabric or leather seat or fully upholstered. Different materials not only impact the look and feel of the stool or chair but also its durability and how easy it is to clean.

Faux leather bar stools are very easy to maintain and keep clean, and they’re also some of the most durable materials. Wooden bar stools are also easy to clean, although their durability depends on the type of wood and how it’s treated. That being said, if you’re after a luxurious look and feel, velvet bar stools or real leather may be a better option.

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Space & how many you need

The space you have available and the number of stools you want to get is another important consideration. If you only have limited space, smaller stools may be a better option if you want to fit one or two extra in the space. If you have more room, larger stools with backrests will help to fill up the space and provide more comfort.


The colour you choose has a major impact on the look and feel of the room. We stock all of our bar stools in several wood colours such as Soft Oak. Vintage, Weathered Oak etc whilst also offering several stock fabrics to give our customers a lot of variety. As well as our stock fabrics, we can also use any external fabric supplier to ensure we can fulfil what our customers require.

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There are two different kinds of bar stools that we offer in terms of height. We have the normal bar stools which are the standard bar height but we also have a mid-height range for those wanting more of a ‘perching’ height.

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