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16 Sep 2022

The sheer variety of styles is mind blowing when you think of Bar Tables and Chairs.

Bars have been around for ever and a day so the furniture has evolved from rough benches and sawn tables, through to up-ended barrels and stools instead of bar tables and chairs. And now with the smoking ban firmly entrenched and the increase in female friendly bars the inclusion of soft seating are seen in a bar more often than not.

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We see all sorts of furniture mixtures, with High Poseur tables and bar chairs used extensively to make the eye-line of a space more interesting.  Park them in front of windows to make your bar appear busy and buzzing. Because we know that people attract people – how often do we make this decision! The FOMO (fear of missing out) instinct in all of us, overriding common sense that our wait for food and drink may be longer – but anticipating it Must be worth the wait!

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Visiting a bar can conjure up all sorts of visions and perhaps it depends on who you’re going with! Cheers Bar: A Venue to visit with a bunch of mates or on you own to have a chat with the bar staff.  Often pretty basic furniture (often made up for by an abundance of memorabilia!). You’ll see a vista of dark wood bar tables and chairs such as the Bentwood styles from Pub Stuff. Both Dining Chairs and High Bar Chairs are available in this style.

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Champagne and Cocktail Bars: Probably one for the girls?....unless you know different! Quite often bright and stylish with a light touch for the Bar tables and chairs. Who wouldn’t want to sip champagne sitting on one of these fabulous Avon Bar Chairs upholstered in Clarke & Clarke Amalia Amazon velvet?! Seen on our recent projects page at The Swan Hotel

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Irish Bar: Ubiquitous in every city in the world – we counted at least 4 on one street in Dusseldorf Germany where they love an Irish bar just as much as we do in UK. Symbolised by the shamrock outside and usually serving up generous helpings of drink and traditional pub grub. For a fun night out enjoying the craic sitting on Bar tables and chairs such as the Pub Stuff Ohio combined with Chunky dark wood tables or pedestal Poseur tables.

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We also see these poseur bar tables and chairs being used to gently remove the need for bar stools against a busy bar where more service space is important. The customers desire to sit on a high stool is acknowledged while the operating needs of the business are met too.

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