Bentwood Chairs

22 Oct 2021

Bentwood Chairs are exactly as the name indicates. All or part of it is formed by wood that has been bent and shaped to achieve its final design. Using a combination of heat and moisture, the wood becomes soft and flexible enough to bend into different shapes. 

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Bentwood History

A Bentwood chair is sometimes called a Thonet Chair in honor of its creator Michael Thonet. While bentwood chairs were actually being made at least two centuries before Thonet was even born, he perfected the process in the 1830's which made the wood easier to bend and allowed for mass production to begin.

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Popular sites for Bentwood's

Bentwood chairs are increasingly popular in a range of Hospitality establishments. Due to it's iconic design and lightweight construction, these chairs are perfect for venues requiring large chair quantity's that can be easily moved around to suit changing group sizes without compromising on style. Equally as desirable in a chic Bistro or Cafe setting and a popular choice for Bars and Restaurants wanting an eclectic mix of soft and wooden seating.

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Bentwood Fan Back

The Bentwood Fan Back Dining Chair is a classic design dating back to the 19th century. Michael Thonet's revolutionary manufacturing method uses steam to bend the wood into shape, ensuring the chairs are not only stylish but extremely durable. The curved design gives maximum comfort whilst showcasing a vintage chic appearance that will look stunning in any venue! 

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Bentwood Slatted Back

The Bentwood Slatted Back Dining Chair is the same classic design as it's sibling the Bentwood Fan Back, using the same steam method to shape the wood. Popular in Cafes, Pubs, Restaurants and more, these chairs sit comfortably around heritage and contemporary tables and come in two beautiful wood finishes. Constructed in the Pubstuff factories to Contract Furniture strength using traditional robust manufacturing methods.

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