Bistro Furniture

17 Nov 2022

The origin of the word to mean a certain style of restaurant is debated but is widely thought to date back to when Russian soldiers fought with the French in France during World War I. They would demand food quickly, and bistro means "fast" in Russian. But, bistro food is home cooking rather than typical American fast food or fancy, fussy fare. In Europe, this type of cooking was developed as a way of using up foods, such as making fresh vegetables and leftover meats into hearty stews. It may also be as basic as baguette, served with pate and a glass of wine.

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A bistro is a small, casual eating establishment known for serving hearty, simple fare along with wine. Bistros originated in France and the UK has adapted the idea. A UK bistro is likely to have not only French food, but basic filling foods inspired from other cuisines such as Asian and Italian.


The ambience is intimate and perfect for chatting over a deceptively simple plate of food and wine. A bistro can be found almost anywhere, inside, outside, and even inside other buildings. A classic bistro will often be found in a bustling city’s downtown. However, more bistros are being built for customers who want a more quiet, private environment for them to eat at. Cafe tables, benches, chairs, and other furniture are what is used in such private places.


There is no real reason why you can’t start your own business with what is a bistro. Starting your own cafe or restaurant will give you all of the benefits of owning your own business, but without the hassle of operating a full-time operation. By starting a cafe you can be your own boss and work from home, choose furniture to suit from a wide range at Pub Stuff.  The metal base of the Verona or Milan table will be perfect in a bistro setting. With a dark wood square top which can be pushed together or pulled apart depending on the size of party. And pair with Classic Bentwood chairs with or without seat pads.


Make the most of the space available with Booths placed either against walls or positioned to create private spaces.


With the relaxing of planning constraints and more outdoor dining available in the UK Pub Stuff have a range of Laminate tops which paired with the Verona or Milan metal bases are wonderful for creating stylish outdoor Bistro tables. The choice of colours include Marble, Toscano, Walnut and Yukon Oak to suit and compliment your décor and aesthetic design. With a range of sizes from 600mm diameter round table tops, 600mm or 700mm square table tops, and a large 700x1200mm rectangle table top. The world beating prices on the Pub Stuff laminate table tops will ensure your Bistro set up won’t break the bank.

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Sit at the bar for a classic Bistro experience. Face the enormous choice of stylish bottles of wines and spirits  stacked on shelves, and soak up the intimate atmosphere while chatting to your fellow diners. The Pub Stuff Bistro Bar stool is a Bentwood style in a dark Wenge colour wood stain.



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