Bistro Furniture

21 Aug 2023

Bistro furniture by definition is a small dining furniture which can be perfect for secluded dining experience. So who is it ideal for? Any venue that is wanting to create an intimate dining experience bistro furniture could be what you are looking for. Let's have a look at what would best suit your venue.

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Types of areas for bistro furniture

Have you ever been in a café with small gardens and cosy corners tucked away. Often these areas will be filled with bistro furniture as they are a great way to move away from fabric deigns if you wish and have more fun with the design of the chair.  From gardens, outdoor areas and balconies they offer a perfect alternative to get in seating to small and cosy areas. By having a mix of metals and woods helps add new textures to an area and can bring natural elements like wood into the design easily. picking the right Bistro furniture is important as you need to think about weather and if the piece of furniture is practical.

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Fabric bistro furniture

We understand that being inside and having a upholstered chair is able to add comfort and be more suitable for clients. That is why we offer a range of upholstered bistro inspired furniture on our website.  We offer a bistro inspired furniture like our Cambridge chairs and our bentwood which can offer a seat pad to add more personality. By having  a seat pad it allows for comfort but can also make the product more personal to you. We have a range of fabrics to choose from however if you wanted something different we are always willing to help find the perfect fabric for you.

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Making your choice

When making your choice the things to consider are the quality and what piece of bistro furniture will work in your venue. At Pub stuff we ensure that our furniture is the best quality and has the durability to uphold in your venue. We have our designers who are able to assist in getting the right furniture to suit your needs. We want to make sure the furniture compliments your venue and that your consumers are getting the best experience. Here at Pub Stuff understand that the products need to be the best quality to with stand busy enviroments.

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The more comfortable you customers are the happier they will be. This is why picking the right furniture for the right area of your venue is important. We want your bistro furniture to look and feel amazing creating the best experience we can.

 (Images shown are for dialogue purposes and are not always directly associated with pub stuff). Have a look at our range of cube products to see what fits for your venue, be in touch and we will help to get the best cube stool suited for your needs.

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