Bistro Table and Chairs

6 Nov 2023

What is bistro furniture?

Bistro furniture traditionally is for smaller cafes and French inspired venues but over the years bistro has become a lot more relevant in our everyday life. Whether this is from  the actual venue as we have a lot more coffee shop and cafes. To the style of furniture that we have around us in our homes.  When people refer to bistro furniture they are typically referring to cafes and restaurants which offer outdoor seating.

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Characteristics of bistro table and chairs

These products are often lightweight so they are easy to move around. They usually have more of a casual look to them with a contemporary feel. Due to the origin of bistro table and chairs they can be found in small cafes across France and Europe meaning that the furniture is often inspired by this style. Smaller details such as metal table bases which have detailing or a bentwood chair to create a softer look can often be found in bistro inspired furniture.

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Things to consider when buying bistro furniture:

When looking into buying bistro furniture you want to make sure you are making the most of your space especially if you are a smaller business. This is when our Cambridge are perfect due to them being stackable. The bentwood ranges also offer extra comfort while still being compact enough to fit into smaller venues without being too chunky. You need to consider what type of tables you would like, often round tables can be perfect for having a coffee date but a square or rectangle table like our Boston rectangle table which can be pushed up against the wall to add extra floor space.

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In coffee shops we think bistro inspired aesthetic fits perfectly not just because of the history but because of the style. This bistro style makes a venue have a quirky style while still feeling modern and fresh. It fits into most cafes and is easy to put your own creative flare into by adding a funky fabric or dressing the tables the way that you desire.


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