Bistro Tables & Chairs

17 Jul 2023

When it comes to creating an inviting and intimate dining experience, bistro tables and chairs are the epitome of charm and elegance. Inspired by the cosy sidewalks cafes of Paris, these versatile pieces of furniture have become a staple in both in door and outdoor dining spaces.

 bentwood bistro chairs and bar stools

Versatility in Design

One of the key advantages of bistro tables and chairs is their versatility in design. Whether you have a small venue or a large, open outdoor space, bistro furniture comes in various sizes to fit your specific needs. For compact spaces, consider a petite two-seater set that can be tucked away when not in use. Large sets can accommodate more guests, making them ideal for hosting dinner parties or enjoying family meals outdoors.

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Perfect for Small Spaces

The compact size and lightweight nature of bistro tables and chairs makes them an excellent choice for smaller spaces. Their slender design allows then to fit effortlessly into tight corners of cozy nooks, transforming even the smallest of areas into a charming dining spot. Additionally, their portability means you can easily move them around - giving you the freedom to create different dining arrangements as desired. 


Enhancing Outdoor Dining

Bistro tables and chairs are particularly well-suited for outdoor dining experiences. Whether you have a sunny outdoor patio, a large beer garden, or a cosy balcony, these sets create an inviting atmosphere for enjoying meals alfresco. The weather-resistant materials  ensure durability against the elements, allowing you to leave them outdoors year-round. 

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Our Cambridge Metal Cross Back Dining Chairs are the perfect option for bringing some mid-century Parisian chic to your decor. They're stackable and available in three wood finishes; Dark Walnut, Vintage and Weathered Oak. Pair with our Milan Square table to keep things compact and stylish. Also available in a variety of wood and laminate finishes, there are also other height and shape options available for the table tops.

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