Bistro Tables

18 Apr 2023

Designed traditionally for pavement style dining, the bistro table has taken many forms over the years. 

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When we think of bistro furniture, we usually picture an intimate, romantic setting, a small table with two chairs - perfect for couples to dine together whilst they watch the world go by. Traditionally these bistro tables would have been made out of marble or wrought iron. As time has gone by, demand for this type of furniture has gone up, and manufacturers have had to find materials that are easier to mass produce and transport. Often modern bistro tables are made from aluminium, laminate or wood. 

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The size of bistro tables has also changed over time. Seating up to four people is now the norm, and often these sets of bistro furniture are used indoors as well as al fresco. These days Bistro furniture can also be found in an array of venues, and Its timeless style and functionality keep it a popular favourite with venue owners and customers alike. 

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Our Milan table is the perfect choice for a bistro set up, it can sit up to four and has a simple, modern design. Pair it with our Cambridge Metal Cross Back Chair in Dark Walnut for the ultimate classic look. Alternatively, our Bentwood Fan Back Chair in Dark Walnut also oozes classic French bistro style.



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