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Cafe Furniture and what it means to you?

What does a Café mean to you?

The definition of a café seems to inevitably include the descriptions ‘small’ and ‘inexpensive’ which to my mind is a winning combination.  These days the line is blurred between coffee house, coffee shop or a café but it wasn’t too long ago that café was deemed to be the poor relation which was often due to the décor.

Although Café is multinational concept it was hi-jacked by the British throughout the middle part of the twentieth century to become ‘The Caff’. And thereby attained its role as the blue collar haunt of choice. Plentiful food at great value prices meant that function won out every time over aesthetics and the practicalities of quick service together with the fact that smoking was allowed throughout meant little comfort was incorporated.

Fast forward to 2007 and the smoking ban hit the UK. This coincided with the explosion in coffee sales within cafes and coffee shops. According to Allegra Strategies definitive report, Project Café 13 UK, the branded coffee chain segment recorded £2.6 billion turnover across 5,531 outlets, delivering impressive sales growth of 9.3% and outlet growth of 5.9%, adding 306 stores 2013. And forecast further strong growth in the coming years.

Cafe Furniture Design

The Caff (or café) although still a deep rooted concept in the British psyche has evolved into the Cafes we see today.  Glorious in the range of food offered from full breakfasts to posh paninis and gorgeous cakes and pastries. The café furniture décor has also evolved into comfortable, flexible spaces often with soft comfy dining chairs where the whole family is welcome together with practical yet stylish café tables, sometimes mixed with café stools for a great look.  And by adding a one or two leather sofas and coffee tables gives the customer a more comfortable setting.

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Some cafes prefer a more contemporary look and feel by using modern contract fabrics for their seating.  Others go for a more traditional café interior with Traditional pedestal table bases with square or round table tops together with traditional café dining chairs or even a country kitchen/shabby chic look which would include painted table bases and painted country chairs.


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Furniture for Cafés and Coffee Shops:

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