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Café Furniture Trends from Pub Stuff

The coffee shop sector is expected to reach £16.5bn in turnover and 27,000 outlets by 2020, according to a report by World Coffee Portal.

Once Britons may have been happy with an instant Nescafe at their desk or at home but they are now venturing to their local coffee shop or cafe or bistro for their caffeine hit instead.

Artisan coffee shops and bistros are also driving interest - in much the same way that craft beers are helping to revive the brewing industry.

At some point, Britain's coffee shop market will become saturated, but analysts don't believe that time will come any time soon.

"There are still thousands and thousands of places in the UK that don't yet have a decent coffee experience," says Jeffrey Young, Managing Director of Allegra Strategies, which produces detailed research on the coffee market.

A spokesman for Allegra Group said: “The third wave/artisan coffee has profoundly influenced operator and consumer expectations about coffee quality and store design.  The artisan independent segment is becoming far more regionalised than ever before, with cities such as Bath, Edinburgh, Manchester and York boasting strong artisan independents. The gradual decline of instant coffee consumption at home and subsequent premiumisation of the at-home segment further increases the availability of specialty coffee and intensifies competition.”

Pub groups are also responding to the threat coffee shops pose to their role as the traditional community hub.  Pub groups have added a further 648 establishments representing growth of 19%, the main contributor of growth in this sector.


Interesting Interior Design and Comfortable Cafe Furniture

The ambience of coffee shops and cafe is cited as a contributing factor to this huge growth being seen as both female and family friendly.  Offering great, interesting interior design and comfortable café furniture making the whole coffee experience one to look forward to.  Relax on sofas or comfy tub chairs within the cafe with your friends or sit up to high poseur tables with café padded bar chairs or wooden bar stools at the windows watching the world go by; this variation allows everyone to choose their own appropriate space and seating option.

Painted-ChunkyRecTab 500 px  CPaintedSquarePedTabDWffee shops also are responding to the Country Kitchen contract café furniture trend and capitalising on the growth in this Artisan feel by introducing painted café furniture which includes painted country dining chairs, contemporary or traditional dining tables and painted button top café stools which exude a homely, quality offer.

awberry tea rooms painted chairs tables  SONY DSC

There’s no doubt that growth in coffee shop, cafe and bistro numbers will continue for the foreseeable future and making it a desirable and comfortable place with traditional or modern café furniture is the way forward.

PaintedStoolLeatherTop - large  PaintedFarmhouseSO cream 500 px

Pub Stuff's range of Cafe furniture and Coffee Shop Furniture includes:



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