Cafe Furniture

16 Nov 2021

Café Furniture

It comes as no surprise that coffee has become Britain’s favourite beverage, with more than two billion cups of coffee being served across the UK, overtaking the traditional cups of tea. Therefore, it’s understandable that the amount of coffee shops has grown, seeing a higher demand for café furniture.

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Cafe furnishing

It’s not as easy as just picking furniture for your café or coffee shop. You need to take all things into consideration such as its functionality, aesthetic, comfortability etc but also to reflect the kind of café you are running. Whether it be trendy, traditional, high street or quirky, decisions around your branding and styling is key. Making furniture decisions is a big priority.

Traditional coffee shop

The traditional café will cater for a mature and more conservative clientele who will most likely want to sit at chairs and tables, rather than benches, with their tea served by the pot. These cafes will require café furniture such as Rectangle Coffee Shop Tables to cater for those sitting in the comfy areas with soft seating and then Rectangle Café Tables and square restaurant tables for the more formal areas of the venue.

Your customers for a traditional coffee shop will expect to be comfortable above all else. Pub Stuffs selection of Rectangle café tables such as our Chunky Coffee Table and square restaurant tables such as our Chunky Dining Tables or Farmhouse Dining Tables.

Pity Me Nursery, furniture supplied by Pub Stuff Limited.



Trendy coffee shop

To achieve the status of trendy, the key would be authenticity. Furniture chosen needs to be solid, honest but with looking the part as well. To offer the cool, relaxed experience that a trendy café would want to offer, this would often mean low tables and chairs to create that cool, calm atmosphere.

Café La Strada, furniture supplied by Pub Stuff Limited.

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Mixing things up is the key to this kind of environment; the aim is to avoid anything that looks in any way uniform. Therefore, I would be choosing a mixture of styles across the Pub Stuff Rectangle Coffee Shop Table range and some low café bar stools, such as the Low Button Stools and soft seating, such as our Banburys, Lisbons and Spitfires.

The Larch Barn, furniture supplied by Pub Stuff Limited.



It appears that the biggest trend now in the café furniture trend is a timeless, classic look. This is great news for Pub Stuff customers as the bread and butter of our products is mainly traditional, with some modern twists. This will hold us in this new trend and our furniture will not look out of date in a few years’ time. Our Pub Stuff Bundles may come in handy to offer quick and easy solutions to fitting out venues, incorporating a good selection of must have products to get started.

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