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17 Feb 2022

It’s tough to believe that Spring is just round the corner and that it's that time of year when you need to be considering furniture for your outdoor projects.

It’s vital that you enhance customers’ dining experience through having an outdoor experience as this is highly sought after in all countries in the summer months. Therefore, outdoor furniture in general but also outdoor café furniture is a big deal, especially this year after all the time lost in the hospitality sector over the last couple of years!

Cafe Rouge outside

Before you pick your furniture, ask yourself who your target consumer base is so you can pick your theme. If you’re a hip coffee cafe that features predominantly outdoor patio space, invest in chic outdoor tables such as our Milan and Verona metal base tables that are contemporary and modern, whilst looking sleek in all venues. To go aside these tables, our Cambridge and Bentwood dining chairs are a perfect fit. They also look contemporary but whilst still looking traditional so are timeless, and an even bigger plus, the Cambridge are stackable so you can easily store them inside or under a canopy at the end of the day and the Bentwood are light and easily movable, so also great for moving inside. What's great about combining the wooden tables and chairs with metal too, reflects warmth and comfort.

Cambridge Metal Cross Back Dining Chair Wooden Seat Dark Walnut 2


The Cafe Outdoor Furniture You Need

Whilst some Cafes may best suit the Bistro look of having metal Base tables and wooden chairs, other Cafes may be better with traditional Outdoor Garden Furniture. Picnic tables aren’t just for Pubs (a common misconception!) they can be for any venue with an outdoor space. In fact, for a lot of venues, they will work even better! They can seat 6-8 people which is ideal for space saving whilst the added advantage of having space for a Patio Umbrella.

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Restaurants with outdoor seating in The Lake District The Lingholm Kitchen Outdoor Seating

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