Café Outdoor Furniture

6 Apr 2021

Café culture dates back to the 17th century, a lifestyle characterized by regular socializing outside on busy streets and pavements. They have Significantly evolved over the years and are ever growing in popularity.

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The Pavement Café

The word "Café" or affectionate name "Caff", would conjure up images of plastic gingham table cloths and the smell of bacon! Todays Café's are heavily influenced by our European neighbours. Pavement hubs to sample coffee's and teas from all over the world, and homemade or locally sourced delights to enjoy with with them. 

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Café Outdoors

As many Café's typically have a limited outdoor space. furniture needs to fit a number of requirements. The front is crucial to attracting business to your establishment therefore style must play as big a part as practicality.  Bistro style tables, chairs and stools have been a firm favourite, a mixture of metal chairs and wooden pedestal tables positioned close to the shop windows. Easily moveable and stackable at the end of each day.

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Modern trends

As interiors become more contemporary with clever space saving design and style, thereto does outdoors. By utilising the shopfronts, outdoor bar top areas are created with high bar stools that can be easily tucked away after use. More generous spaces have seen the use of soft seating that are easily stacked for closing, but offer a more comfortable and relaxing experience for the customer.

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European Influences

Many Cafes today have adopted the influences of foreign shores. Brightly coloured chairs and scattered cushions help to highlight the outside. Bistro style furniture is substituted with farmhouse style tables and chairs to offer that "home from home" feeling whilst enjoying the sunshine and hospitality. Small tables surrounded by crossed back chairs line narrow streets across Europe,  inviting sightseers to enjoy the view and sample local pastry's and coffees from around the world.

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