Cafe Stools

4 May 2022

Choosing the perfect café stool needs careful consideration as it needs to serve both aesthetic and practical function, match the décor of the surroundings, and serve its main purpose as a chair. Historically, these were commonly used in pubs, but are now becoming more popular especially in restaurants and cafes. 

The important things that should be considered when choosing the ideal stools for cafes is to ensure that they are serviceable, durable, and comfortable before you intend to purchase it.

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Finding the right stools for your cafe is a challenging task because there are some important factors that you need to consider. What stools you would prefer to buy in terms of colour, style, design, height, and its everyday function. Below are some of the quick pointers to consider:

Comfort - As a customer, you must choose the bar stool that gives comfort to the user. It is a good idea that you choose the stool with a padded seat because this is what many people like especially when they prefer to sit for longer period. Comfortability is key as it will attract more customers to come back again. All our stools are padded and if they are wooden, they will come in a padded option. For example, our Button Stool comes in several designs such as wooden, padded and fully padded options as well as in a low version.

Serviceability - When you are choosing cafe stools, you must make sure that these can provide you with long lasting service.  At Pub stuff, it is something we can guarantee, in that all our furniture is vigorously tested for its structural strength and wearability, so this is something we are extremely confident in. Due to certain designs, some may withstand more wear and tear than others, but across the board, our furniture is all put through extensive quality control and has stood the test of time.

Design - Wooden bar stools can be used for several functional purposes and to add good-looking design as decoration in your café. If you choose a stool, make sure that it will compliment and match the theme of your restaurant.  It is better if you choose the design or style that will best fit to the areas in your place. Pub Stuffs Warwick bar stool and Button stool have a footrest bar at the bottom, to provide comfort and convenience. The height of the stool is dependent on the counter where it will be placed. This is where the Warwick is good because it is a “mid height” stool, meaning it falls shorter than a normal bar height stool, which normally works perfectly for cafes.

IMG 8284Height - The height of your bar stool will depend on the countertop of the cafe. Its distance between the underside and floor of the counter top determines how tall your stools would need to be. Another height to consider would be coffee height, whereby our Cubes are the perfect mixture of comfort and coffee height. Fully upholstered all over, they look incredibly stylish whilst also being comfortable. They are look great in a cosy corner where you want to create that laid back, coffee shop vibe with a mixture of heights and wooden/upholstered items.

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Whatever your requirements, Pub Stuff have a wide range of café stools to suit all needs and venue styles. Head over to our Recent projects page to have a better look at different cafes we have supplied and what they have gone for as per the style of their establishment.  

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