Cafe Tables and Chairs

8 Dec 2021

We know that choosing the perfect cafe tables and chairs to furnish your business can leave you with a headache that not even caffeine can fix!

Although larger venues have space to experiment with different themes and trends, cafes have a special kind of ambience and they are the perfect space to display individual style and character.

Whether you want to go sleek and modern, for a traditional approach, or a balance of both – decide on your style and work from there. Mood boards can help to visualise your ideas on paper, our design team can help with this. Choosing a style will help to narrow down your furniture search as to what kind of café tables, café stools, soft seating etc you are after.

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Have a Mix of Seating

Cafe tables and chairs should cater for each customer when deciding which furniture to include. Dining chairs are a perfect choice for the casual shopper who wants to grab a quick bite, whereas a comfy armchair is perfect for a customer who would like to relax and enjoy a coffee. 

Dining chairs and cafe tables should account for most of your furniture, but a sofa and a couple of armchairs around a table breaks up the monotony and recreates a home from home.

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With these lower seating options, you can also mix in some low café stools such as the Pub Stuff Cube or Cylinder Stool.

It’s tempting to try to fit as much cafe furniture into your business as possible but overcrowding small spaces can lead to a claustrophobic atmosphere that’s less than inviting to customers. 

A great space-saving solution are coffee tables. As these tables are low, they can be paired with stools to save space.


Leather dining chairs are great café chairs; they are comfortable, easy to clean and never go out of fashion. If you choose leather for your cafe chairs, why not break things up with a Spitfire? Equally, wooden chairs can look great in a more traditional space, and a leather Chesterfield is the perfect accompaniment. 

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