Café Tables and Chairs

4 Dec 2020

Wake up and Smell the Coffee

The number of coffee shops in the United Kingdom (UK) is expected to reach 32,230 by 2023, up from the 17,299 coffee shops recorded in December 2013 according to Statista. Meaning, more need for Cafe tables and chairs!

They fall into some broad categories which is reflected in their offer, their décor and furniture. So when did we start to rebrand the Cafes of our past into coffee shops? Maybe they are two different species of the same thing after all they both fall into the same type of categories distinguished by their styling.

Smart & traditional:

You’ll find these on every high street and they will be full of shoppers and families taking the weight off their feet while they order pastries, tea, coffee and sandwiches. Functional sturdy furniture in a light and bright space. The table and chairs will be coordinated and the space used to get as many ‘bums on seats’ as the area dictates. Small round and square tables to seat 2 people are the norm with the ability to butt them up together in a modular way to create larger café tables.

Rustic and quirky:

Independent and likely to serve more unusual blends of your favourite drinks combined with artisan sandwiches and plates. There is likely to be a few High Poseur tables in here to perch on as you look at the quirky décor and signage. The café tables and chairs in here will be more eclectic and maybe industrial steampunk styles with lots of distressing . So, who will be the customers: perhaps business people on a break or having a short meeting. With a mix of shoppers and younger customers meeting up for a social.  You’ll probably see less children and elderly customers at these café tables and chairs. Perhaps the lighting will be a little lower and the music a little louder.

Cosy Cluby:

Comfy and decadent with lots of soft seating it’s a super place to while away a few hours with a group of friends . the café tables and chairs in this are also an eclectic mix but have a more homely feel perhaps with upholstery in chenilles and patterns along with lamps and bric a brac forming a hotch potch of interest.

An alcohol offering is more likely in this café as the venue morphs from a day time café into an early doors tapas bar.  Premium food and drink is the order of the day and the tables and chairs in the comfy zones are soft and squidgy leather chesterfields with cushions and throws looking lived in and cluby.


Wipe clean is the norm with café tables and chairs in durable veneers and faux leathers. Bright colours and bright lighting compliments this style.

Happy Days!

Smart and traditional

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