Cafe Tables

9 Jun 2022

Café tables are generally smaller and lighter than restaurant tables so careful consideration needs to be taken when choosing them for your coffee shop. It might be wise to use a café space flexibly, rather than sticking to a rigid layout, and lighter, smaller tables will help you to achieve this, being easier to move around.

As well as conventional four-legged tables, there are pedestal tables which are a great option, and also “Poseur” tables are higher and smaller, generally big enough only for single customers or, at a push, two. 

Because some café customers will nip in for perhaps a few minutes, while others linger for an hour or more, it’s important to offer different kinds of seating to suit these different needs: stools and “poseur” tables for the in-and-out customers; normal-height chairs and tables for those with more time to spare; low-level tables and perhaps tub chairs for customers that are staying longer.

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Your choice of furniture will also depend on whether your café is mainly serving beverages, or if there will be a more substantial food menu; it’s not easy or comfortable to eat plates of food from a small table designed only for drinks.

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The lightest 4-legged café tables Pub Stuff supply would be the ‘classic’ dining table, of which we supply in square and rectangle, in Dark Walnut, Soft Oak and Weathered Oak. This table is perfect for a Café because it’s light weight, easily moveable but can fit into either a traditional or modern style for it’s a basic, wooden design. For something a bit fancier, the Farmhouse Dining Table is another of our most popular Café Tables as it’s fits with the country look, it’s just a bit denser than the classic.

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Moving onto pedestal tables as they are a firm favourite of our Café tables, the Boston and Stowe pedestal tables. Both sold with single or double bases, making them suitable for smaller and larger groups, these tables are very versatile whilst also being incredibly stylish. Coming in a range of different wood finishes and with the option of adding a painted base, these two designs are the perfect café tables. We also do metal bases in two designs, the Milan and Verona metal bases which are also a firm favourite in the café scene as they give the bistro look, they just can’t be moved around as easily due to their density. The beauty with these tables is that we can also supply the poseur version of these tables if you want to have height diversity in your Café.


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