Café furniture

24 May 2021

Café furniture will tell the story of the venue you are trying to create. 

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What is your Cafés purpose?

Choosing your furniture will depend very much on the type of Café you are creating. Pop in Cafés rely on a high traffic turnover therefore will need to offer a higher quantity of seating that is flexible. Stools and poseur tables are perfect for this along with side chairs that are easily moveable and can be tucked neatly under tables to save space when not in use. Cafés offering a more extensive dining experience or formal approach should look more towards comfort seating, tub chairs and chunkier tables will encourage visitors to stay longer and relax in a less cluttered environment. Whichever you decide it is useful to offer a proportion of both to capitalise on the "stay and play" and "on the go" clientele.

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Reflective Design

Once you have decided the purpose of your furniture it is equally important to reflect the style of Café in your furniture design. Traditional coffee shops lean towards a more conservative look. Offering tea in a pot and homemade cakes and scones, classic farmhouse chairs and tables will complete the image beautifully. Trendy Cafés can be much more adventurous with fabrics and designs, industrial looking tables and chairs can be used and seating that will showcase interesting fabrics are great for this. One off Cafés steer more towards luxury comfort seating. Chesterfield sofas and coffee tables are placed in windows to attract people in to sit and relax. The emphasis is very much on comfort and space, tub chairs and fully padded dining chairs allow customers to sit in comfort for longer. Placed at beautifully crafted tables in a more spread-out environment gives your customers more privacy in a luxury atmosphere.

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Additions to consider

Cafés have become much more multifunctional over the years. When choosing your furniture consider any additional services you may provide. Offering your space to executives or students who will happily work away over coffee and snacks may require solo tables and chairs. Poseur tables offer privacy at height and high backed stools give the comfort needed with sitting for longer periods. The hospitality business is much friendlier towards families and children than it has been in the past. Make sure you have some comfortable, supportive chairs with arms. And ensure that you have cushions and highchairs for the little ones. 

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