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Calling all Cricket Clubs

Club House Furniture through the ECB Small Grant Scheme in conjunction with Waitrose

The ECB have recognised that cricket clubs need a helping hand in this area and are offering a small grant scheme in conjunction with Waitrose.  Our designers at Pub Stuff are working hard to make sure cricket club budgets stretch as far as possible offering discount bundles of great pub furniture and bar furniture, bar tables and pub bar stoolssofas and coffee tables and tub chairs and even designing your floor plan for you.

It's so difficult to think about next summer when it’s cold and dark outside. But as a friend of mine once said, “it’s all downhill once you’re 18 it’s just that your brakes get less and less effective!“  So we know that it will come around quicker than ever and perhaps a little thought about it now, and what it means to us, wouldn’t go amiss.

Thinking back to Summer 2015, I think the weather was pretty good all in all.  Happy memories of sitting in the park and watching my local cricket team playing in the sunshine.  That quintessential sound of leather on willow and then all moving into the Clubhouse for tea and a bit of liquid refreshment.  And it’s at this point that things sometimes get a little depressing. Not the teas – they never disappoint!  But some Clubhouses leave a lot to be desired.

Redesign your Cricket Clubhouse with help from Pub Stuff

Redesign your cricket clubhouse with help from Pub Stuff – it will be easier than you think - just don’t leave it too late!  It’s only 127 days until the start of the 2016 cricket season, and the Grant Scheme needs your applications by January 2016 ...

Call Pub Stuff today to speak to our knowledgeable and friendly sales team for all your Club House furniture requirements.

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