Canteen Furniture

5 Sep 2022

Canteen furniture has a reputation for being dull, bland, and where out-dated plastic chairs and old tables are the norm. At Pub stuff we are dedicated to creating stylish and modern furniture to suit a wide range of establishments and canteens being one of those!

Pub stuff have created a range that could transform your workplace or university canteen into a trendy and comfortable place for your employees or students to relax for lunch or catch a quick meeting. 

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Our variety of bistro chair styles and dining tables are all available in a broad range of wood colours and fabric choices to brighten up any working environment and cater to each individual customers taste. The options are pretty much endless with the kind of “atmosphere’ our customers want to create, whether it is a mixture of bar and dining tables and chairs, a cosy corner with some leather goods or a mixture of it all!

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One of our most popular bistro chair options that we see being used a lot in canteens is the Cambridge Metal Cross Back Dining Chair as it looks great, but it is also light to move around, it is stackable and can also come with either a wooden or padded seat. Another dining chair that would be an ideal choice for canteen furniture would be the Bentwood wooden dining chairs. Available in only wooden seats, making them a wipe clean, easy and light option, these chairs look great but are also a great option for a canteen chair. Pair these with any of our dining tables, mostly recommended the chunky or classic tables for canteen furniture, this is the perfect combination.


We also have a range of soft seating which is the ideal choice for customers who want their canteen area to be more of a 'social hub' for their students or employees. This creates more of a relaxed environment and therefore incorporates more comfortable seating, to entice a longer staying period. Chairs such as the Lisbon, Bergen, Avon and Banbury would be the best candidate for upholstered seating, but our leather range such as our spitfires, Chester style sofas and cubes would be ideal for a comfy corner with coffee tables.



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