Canteen Furniture

29 Jun 2023

It's usually the busy central hub of most schools, universities and workplaces - but do canteens have to act just as functional spaces? We think not!

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Canteens can often feel drab, uninspired, and lacking in colour or style. Usually when people think of canteen furniture, they imagine tired tables and uncomfortable chairs. Footfall is usually always high at certain times of the day, and these spaces often see furniture being stacked or stored away to make room for other purposes. This means that most canteen furniture needs to be lightweight, stackable, and versatile enough to be moved around easily.

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The day-to-day use of canteen furniture means durability is also one of the most important factors to consider. The Surf Chair is a perfect option for canteen seating. Its has a lightweight frame and can easily be wiped clean from scuffs and spillages. Available in two colour options - Scarlet or Onyx - it can liven up any drab or tired canteen hall and help to create a trendy and comfortable space.

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Laminate tabletops are also a great option for wipe-clean, lightweight surfaces for your diners to pull up to. Our Laminate tabletops are available in square or round options, and come in 4 different finishes - Toscano, Yukon Oak, Marble and Walnut. Pair with our Milan bases - they come in either double or single options and add a touch of modern design to any venue.

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