Canteen Furniture

7 Sep 2023

What venues are right for canteen furniture?

Knowing what type of furniture is right for your venue really helps utilise the space as best as possible. So what makes canteen furniture best for your company. Are you a food company? Are you a school? Do you need furniture that can be wiped down easily? Does the area need to be rearranged or moved around? These could all mean you might be better suited to canteen furniture. This doesn’t mean you need an ugly bench or something that isn’t stylish. There are plenty of options out there, so lets have a look.

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How to get stylish canteen furniture?

Canteen furniture doesn’t need to be boring, add a pop of colour can bring out your brands theme and personality but also can make a space feel bright and fun.  At Pub Stuff our plastic surf chair is perfect, its light, easy to clean and come 2 different colours adding a range in your venue. It is made from recycled plastic so is environmentally friendly while also being suitable for outside due to it being made of plastic.

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Our range of canteen inspired furniture our products like  surf chairs as due to their durability makes them practical. For more of a farmhouse and café look our Cambridges or Ohio Dining chairs allow a stylish look while being a practical size.  These paired with our laminate table tops make for the perfect pair due to them being easily cleaned.  The range of colours in table tops allows them to suit any venue and lead for a versatile product.

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Booths in a canteen venue are able to create sectioning if you would like this effect. They are able to make canteen furniture seem less dull and feel like a sociable event.  It allows for comfy seating which can easily be wiped down. This style of canteen furniture is better for places that are more of a dining experience rather than a traditional canteen.  

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When planning out a canteen or venue floor plan the layout is key for it being a workable space. You don’t want to have to keep asking people to move out of the way and sliding in to get past. At the same time you also don’t want to feel like there are meters apart from the tables.  When creating this space think about the type of environment you want to have, is it for schools or is it for a sociable lunch room at work. Is it all tables and chairs or would you like to have benches and booths.


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