Canteen Furniture

31 May 2022

Unlike venues such as cafes and restaurants that are constantly trying to entice new customers, cafeterias in schools, universities and offices naturally become a part of many peoples’ daily routines, serving the same people day after day. Saying this, it is still important to make sure your cafeteria is as inviting as possible, providing a relaxing and comfortable environment for people to enjoy their lunch break. Here at Pub Stuff, we have a wide range of furniture ideal for use in canteens, providing both style and substance.

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Canteen refurbishment: less is more

Ensuring your canteen is appealing to its users does not mean you need to buy a lot of expensive, extravagant furniture. Investing in a few simple yet attractive items can make a large difference, producing a minimalistic design that still catches the eye.

Plain, wooden furniture fits seamlessly into any room, making it the obvious go to choice. Alternatively, laminate tops and metal bases could provide an easier option when it comes to cleaning, they are just heavier to move around if you need to create space.

Wooden chairs such as our Ohio, Bentwood and Venice chairs match perfectly with many our wooden or metal tables, creating a simple but effective look. Alternatively, our Luigi or Mario dining chairs are a bit more expensive but perfect for bringing more colour to the room.

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Space-saving solutions for your canteen furniture

When choosing your canteen furniture, it is important to think about how it will fit into your space. If your cafeteria is a large space, you may want to have rectangular tables, allowing you to accommodate many people without taking up too much space. Alternatively, smaller cafeterias may benefit from small, circular tables, taking up less space whilst still providing a communal and social atmosphere.

Our best dining chair for space saving is the Cambridge Stackable Metal Cross Back Dining Chair. It is a perfect piece of canteen furniture due to it’s light weight nature but it’s also stackable, making it incredibly easy to move and store.


Versatile furniture for the canteen

Canteens are often used for multiple different purposes and therefore, it’s important to factor this in when choosing your furniture.

We will soon be supplying laminate table tops which are ideal for versatile environments such as cafeterias due to their light weight, with their hard-wearing plastic edges keeping them protected from damage even when being constantly moved. Their surfaces are easily cleaned, keeping them looking brand new for as long as possible.


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