Carver Chairs

19 Jan 2023

A classic style which makes a prominent feature at the dining table - designed to make a statement whilst still delivering optimum comfort!

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What Is A Carver Chair? 

Carver chairs have come a long way since their first design in the 19th century. Steeped in North American colonial history, its not clear whether its name derives from an actual person, or simply just after the Master of the household who would carve the meat at the table. Originally, Carvers were ornately designed chairs with carved detail on the arms and legs. They used to be produced in pairs and would often be used to symbolise status within the household. These days, Carvers are simply associated as statement dining chairs with arms. 

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 The Modern Take

These chairs can be modern or contemporary, and are usually wider than a standard dining chair. Their legs rise above seat level, giving strong support to the arms and sealing its signature style. They're usually upholstered and can be found sat at either ends of a dining table (or often placed in cosy corners!)

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 Luxury Seating

The modern Carver chair can be seen as offering a lot more comfort than its original design. Often upholstered in plush or velvety fabric, they're a sure fire way to create opulence and luxury at the dining table. Mix and Match is a great way to showcase your carvers at your dining tables - The Hereford Chair can be upholstered in various fabrics and pair well with the Texas Dining Chair to keep things looking sleek.

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