Carver Chairs

5 Apr 2023

Looking for the ultimate in comfort whilst dining? Carver chairs come up trumps when it comes to style and design.

Carver chairs are simply dining chairs with arms and a solid back support. They've come a long way since their original, classic design - and the modern take on this comfy chair usually includes padding and upholstery.

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The Lisbon is one of Pub Stuff's most popular chairs - and its easy to see why! The variety of ways this carver chair can be upholstered never fails to impress - it fits snugly under all of our tables and really adds an extra layer of luxury and comfort to a venue.

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The Hereford keeps elements of a classic carver design - with strong arm supports that lead directly down to its sturdy legs. The mid-century elegance of the Hereford is carried by its sleek lines, open back, and fluted legs. 

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Herefords are always sure to steal the show - the upholstery possibilities are endless and it looks fantastic with mixed and matched fabrics. It's easy to see why carver chairs are such a popular choice with our customers. So why not have some fun and let your imagination run wild when choosing your own Carver chair upholstery!

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