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Case Study – Café Furniture for Leif Tearooms

Case Study – Café Furniture for Leif Tearooms

Leif Tearooms is a truly unique and eclectic piano bar and tearooms situated in the heart of bustling, cosmopolitan Leamington Spa, amidst the stylish Georgian architecture that sets the town apart from many others.

Gursh Atwal, owner of Leif Tearooms has worked in the hospitality industry for many years and has accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience when it comes to setting up a new business. This came in handy with the unique model he has now introduced to Leamington Spa. In the daytime it operates as a café and tearooms attracting a varied demographic and a wide clientele from the local area as well as passing tourists. In the evening it transforms into a lively bar, periodically hosting open mic events and frequented by a growing number of local residents and professionals stopping in for early evening tapas after work or at the start of an evenings’ socialising. “I was originally going to focus on Leif as a tearoom but the evening has taken off so well and is incredibly lively” said Gursh.

Leif occupies a large and airy open space with an orangery style roof letting in lots of light which was something that Gursh wanted to build upon while creating a friendly and welcoming intimate atmosphere. Large windows facing out onto the busy street are ideal for giving passers-by a glimpse into the unique haven he was creating.

Having the right space, colour scheme and flooring is essential as is choosing appropriate cafe furniture to achieve the right impact while meeting practical customer needs. Gursh needed to furnish the whole space and had already formulated his ideas for zoning it to reflect the different usage areas.  One space was covered in artificial grass, another became an easy chair area with Chesterfield sofas and in another, the walls were cloaked in wooden panelling which, with a cosy fire place and fireside chairs, helped to create a rustic cabin style space.

For the bar area, high bar stools were used and a piano was situated in the dining room where it was played by a pianist each lunchtime between 12.30 and 2.30pm.

Gursh turned to Pub Stuff Ltd, based in Banbury in Oxfordshire, to help him obtain all the furniture he needed. Pub Stuff is a national company who supply new and recycled contract pub furniture to the pub, hospitality and leisure trade. Their core proposition is availability, affordability and value for money through huge stocks of brand new stylish pub and café furniture. “I’ve used Pub Stuff before in a previous venture” explained Gursh.

He recalled that in his previous business, furniture had not been quite as easy to get in given a spiral staircase that he had. However Pub Stuff brought it all in for him and reassembled some items once in their final position. Leif Tearooms has proved much more accessible with double doors to allow the easy transit of furniture into position.

“I’ve found that they have everything you need and rather than trawl multiple sites on the internet, I browse their site, ring them up found them to be extremely accommodating. I was trying to achieve a balance between not being too funky and not too traditional, something contemporary. My customers have absolutely loved the beige brown leather sofas that I bought.”

“Their website design is perfect it’s not at all off-putting – you can see the furniture and contract upholstery fabric range immediately together with prices and descriptions so you know what you are getting. I found it very easy to use”.

Pub Stuff also package tables, stools and chairs into a variety of price friendly discounted furniture bundles which worked well for Gursh. He made an initial furniture order based on an estimate of usage and after operating for 6 months, he found increasing demand meant that he needed more 4 more tables and 16 more Modena dining chairs. He also purchased 2 Pub Stuff in a Box bundles which gave him easy chairs and chesterfield sofas, low coffee tables and bar stools. “There was no messing about, I was able to be specific about what I wanted and Pub Stuff made sure I got what I needed at the right price”.

Two years on, Gursh was able to see that the furniture he bought hasn’t aged “it’s a classic style” he said. “After two years of heavy usage I decided that the upholstered cushions on the bar stools were beginning to show signs of wear. The great thing was that I didn’t have to replace the whole stool, only the pads, I was able to buy them in the same material so that everything still matched.

Durability is very important as I’ve been in the trade too long and you can see that the furniture has been purchased at low cost and low quality and it really shows. This isn’t the case with Pub Stuff. The furniture is modular, so I can put elements together depending on demand and requirement and when this happens the need for everything to match and integrate seamlessly is pretty important.”

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