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Chance to Claim your £100 Pub Stuff Voucher

Send us pictures of our Pub Stuff furniture in your Venue.

Simply send Pub Stuff pictures of our Pub Stuff furniture in your venue and if we use the images on our website, we'll send you a £100 Pub Stuff Voucher to spend on Pub Stuff furniture as a thank you!

Email your Pub Stuff furniture pictures to: [email protected]


They say that an image speaks a thousand words

In the case of a highly visual product and its surroundings, never a truer word has been spoken.

Photography is a great way of reflecting a job well done and the satisfaction that goes with that.

The best way to bring the story to life is with great photography, so Pub Stuff have put together some tips for capturing the very best from your Pub Stuff furniture.

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First, take a look at the examples of restaurant and cafe furniture above that we’ve shared:

1. Consider what you are trying to achieve and imagine the outcome before you take the shot. Planning is key!

2. Always make sure that the area you are photographing is as clean and well lit as possible.

3. Clear away any unnecessary items – folders, bags, coats, plates etc. that might otherwise spoil or obstruct the shot.

4. Use a good quality camera.

5. Generally speaking it is easier, unless you are very confident of achieving the shot, to go without any ‘models’ in the frame.

6. Arrange the furniture so that if you have invested in padding for the chairs for example, the chairs are arranged to subtly show the fabric.

7. If you can, use a tripod to keep the camera steady when taking the shot.

8. Experiment with using a flash depending on how well or not, the room is lit.

9. Why not experiment with taking the shot from different angles.

10 Once you have the shot you are looking for, please email: [email protected]


Terms and conditions: £100 voucher will be sent within 2 weeks of using the image on our Pub Stuff website - Voucher valid for 3 months. To place your order simply quote the unique reference number on the voucher. Can be used to purchase any Pub Stuff furniture products from our £100 voucher is including VAT. Subject to availability, delivery and VAT. This offer only applies to images emailed through to [email protected] from 17th March 2016. Only one voucher will be issued per venue.

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