Chesterfield Furniture Range

21 Nov 2022

This traditionally English style of furniture is still as popular today as it was when it was first seen over 200 years ago. The deep diamond buttoning and studs identifies the style which works particularly well in leather. The Pub Stuff leather range is made from real leather and the frames are robust enough for use by our customers in the Leisure and Hospitality industry. They are beautifully crafted, Hand-made and finished in the Pub Stuff manufacturing centres. Our Chester sofa is the classic design with the arms the same height as the back of the seat giving the distinctive look ever popular in Gentlemen’s Clubs around the world and beloved of Psychiatrists who use the pure comfort of the styling to encourage & gently lull their clients to speak freely.

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The luxurious, generous dimensions add a Wow factor to any venue and now there’s a twist to the Chester story: Pub Stuff’s new Jesterfield creates a storm of interest and envy wherever we show it and brings a smile to everyone’s face, which is only enhanced when you realise you can get their hands on such an impressive piece for such a realistic price. Two distinct colourways using multi coloured leathers The Jesterfield is a game changer and a head turner!

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Perfect partners are hard to find but there’s no doubt the Jesterfield has found it’s soul mate in the spectacular Spitfire Chair.  Coordinating in shades of real leather: Vintage Red, Blue, Gren or Gold, to match the multiple colours in it’s big brother the Jesterfield: the Spitfire defies it’s great value price tag.  With hand placed studs at the front and fluted distressed leather back this little chair is a joy to look at and a pleasure to sit on.

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Whether it’s a Clubhouse, Wine Bar, Country Pub, Mess Bar or Reception the very fact that the Chesterfield style has endured for some many years is testament  to the perfection of it’s design.

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