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Club House Restaurant and Bar Furniture in time for the Rugby World Cup

In readiness for the Rugby World Cup this summer, England Rugby have issued a guide to clubs outlining some great interior design tips especially for club houses; recognising that high quality, well designed social spaces can help clubs to increase footfall, generate revenue and become more sustainable. They note in the introduction, that although interior design isn’t the ‘be all and end all’ without a great interior that fits, there will always be something missing.

Interiors can directly influence how your customers feel, inhabit and respond to each other within the space. As well as informing them how they should behave, how much things may cost and how long they should stay.

Interior Design for your Clubhouses with Pub Stuff’s Pro Planner

When you’re planning any improvements to your interior design, seating and furniture requirements, try to consider:

• What type of people would you like to target? Notice how this is slightly different to what type of people you currently attract.

• Where do these people currently meet, eat and drink? Perhaps copying some of the ideas from the local pubs, cafes or coffee shops, bistros and restaurants would be a good idea.

• What sort of age range? As a very general rule, younger customers prefer to sit at high poseur tables with bar chairs or bar stools and females just love groups of comfy sofas and low coffee tables.

• Are you trying to be female and family friendly? Perhaps the thought of Mums and Tots groups using your club house could help you choose your colours for chair and stool coverings (not cream!)

• What will entice your chosen market to buy more food and/or drink?  Your back bar display area should show the products you sell! It’s obvious really, so hide your serving glasses under the bar and show off those Wines and Spirits. Your drinks supplier will be more than happy to help with POS material for your pub and bar area.

Sometimes Clubs are in danger of playing it too safe when it comes to décor throughout the venue, whether it is the restaurant section or bar area. In trying to please everyone, the club ends up looking bland and uninteresting. The human brain will reject under-stimulating information so try to look beyond Magnolia!

Club Dining Tables, Comfy Dining Chairs, Pub Bar Stools and Leather Chesterfield Sofas and Club House Contract Seating for Daventry Rugby Club

Daventry Rugby Club with the help of Pub Stuff have created a warm, welcoming and interesting space within their Clubhouse. From the initial consultation through to the delivery of the club furniture, Pub Stuff brought together a coordinated scheme. Mervyn Bull, Club Chairman is thrilled with the end result, he says ‘ thank you for the help and advice you (Pub Stuff) have given us at the Sports Club, the final result is just as you promised and Club Vice- Chairman Rosco (Paul Russell) continues “I honestly can’t thank everyone involved enough, we have already achieved a massive increase in business with more and more people booking the facilities for parties, weddings and other functions,”

Pub Stuff's range of Club House furniture includes:


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