Commercial Cube Stools

18 Aug 2023

When creating a comfortable and easily changeable environment Commercial Cube Stools can provide a wide range of options.  By ranging in shapes, sizes and fabric they can easily fit into any space.  Freshen up with new commercial bar stools, read on to find out what your missing out on! 

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Versatility in the Product

When designing a space in busy areas, often seating plans can change and there is need for creating extra space and extra seats. In cafes and bars you often find yourself shuffling around to be in and amongst the social atmosphere.  Commercial Cube Stools can be just what you need to create an atmosphere that people can switch up and enjoy easily without having to worry about making space.  By having a range of chairs and furniture can help make the space look more dynamic and create zones for certain area, creating different atmospheres depending on their need. 

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Making it Personalised

By having a range of shapes in the cube stools allows it to be easy to fit into snug areas or provide a spacious feeling to a smaller area. They come in a range of fabrics which we are able to provide but if they don’t take your fancy you can pick your own fabric you desire. This allows you to adapt it so it can suit any area and any venue. The fabric design can allow you to become imaginative and adds flare to an area. By personalising your pattern by picking a more unique design it can bring out the character of your venue. Allowing people to see more of what your brand stands for and about your story more.

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Stand out from your competitors by having a stylish commercial cube stool which can suit everyone’s needs. It can add a stylish change from your typical chair while still being able to be just as comfortable. The versatility in this product means they can fit right into your deign of your venue and make a stylish addition without taking up too much space.

Untitled design 5Durability of the Commercial Cube Stool 

When getting commercial furniture for your venue its crucial to know that it is going to withstand over time. This is why all of our furniture is tried and tested to ensure it can have a long life. The cube stools are very adaptive and by getting them upholstered in fabrics such as our bison leather it means they can be easily wiped down.  

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 (Images shown are for dialogue purposes and are not always directly associated with pub stuff). Have a look at our range of cube products to see what fits for your venue, be in touch and we will help to get the best cube stool suited for your needs.

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