Commercial Metal Tables

21 Aug 2023

From inside dining to trending outside beer gardens, tables are an essential to any venue that are in the hospitality.  Commercial furniture has the power to change the atmosphere and create a venue you’ll want to go back to.

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Outside furniture trends

Commercial metal tables are a staple for outside furniture. Due to the versatility of styles whether a rectangle or round, it is a basic need for every venue. We have a range of styles from a more modern approach with the metal coffee base or whether to have a more French design like Verona base.  These are both sleek and stylish adding elegance with ease.

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Right wood for you

Picking the table top can change the whole aesthetic, let’s look into what types of table tops are available and what style best suits you. For a more robust outside table the marble laminate is ideal due to the plastic coating making it water resistant and ideal to last longer outside. The marble is a fresh look and is light in appearance so can make a lovely table for a bright and fun area. While looking at Dark Walnut and Vintage it is a darker wood meaning it is best suited for being inside. These can suit classic pubs or restaurants who want to add sophistication.

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All shapes and sizes

Having the right shape for your venue is important for creating the correct look to suit your venue. Curved tables are inviting and take the edge off square tables. These curves are in with the trend organic modern but also can be more child friendly.  Circle table aren’t going to be perfect for every venue, smaller snug corners may be more appropriate for rectangle or square tables. Due top them being able to get tucked away.

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We have a range of our tables which can be customised from our choices so you can find one that suits your venue better. Get in contact with us and we would love to help you find the right commercial metal table for you.

 (Images shown are for dialogue purposes and are not always directly associated with pub stuff). Have a look at our range of cube products to see what fits for your venue, be in touch and we will help to get the best cube stool suited for your needs.


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