Contemporary Chairs

10 Jan 2022

Often the terms modern and contemporary are synonymous with each other. Is there even a difference between them?

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It appears modern furniture is a specific design aesthetic from the early to mid-20th century, whereby contemporary furniture doesn't hold to a particular space or time - as in essence it is constantly changing in accordance with the current age. 

Whilst modern furniture was a specific movement in the twentieth century, it is now a term that is used widely to refer to anything that is currently contemporary with the age we are living in. So from this, we move onto contemporary chairs.

Contemporary chairs are something Pub Stuff have delved much further into recently with their growth in popularity. With now having the Texas, Bergen, Kensington, and Oslo Dining Chairs, this gives customers a varied choice when it comes to wanting this look in their venue.

Pub Stuff Dec 2021 35 Kensington Nat oak Tan right angleBergen tan front angleTexas Vintage 1 v3

Upholstered dining chairs have become increasingly popular over the last few decades, this is largely due to the superior comfort and support they offer, but also their compelling appearance. Knowing this, Pub Stuff took this into consideration when designing the contemporary chairs, which are available in a range of different colour schemes and patterns, making them not only practical, but also serve as a key feature pieces for any restaurant, pub, café etc.

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