Contract Furniture Sale

31 Jan 2022

When buying furniture for your venue, it is imperative that it is chosen wisely as it does have an impact on your customers experience. Therefore, being a contract furniture supplier, it is important we get it right when fitting a customers brief.

The Dining space is the heart of any restaurant or pub as it sets an overall impression of the ambiance. It should therefore be uniquely put together as this space defines the whole image and subconsciously influences the way a customer spends. 

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The furniture selected to be in this space must be sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of a busy bar/restaurant, whilst not compromising on the look. Attractive furniture does add an extra oomph to the overall ambiance of any space, therefore it is important to strategically design the seating layouts of the dining space. Supplying contract furniture to the hospitality industry means we therefore focus on flexible design, comfortable, stylish yet durable furniture as it needs to stand the test of time.

When purchasing furniture, it is very important to choose something that is comfortable, clean, and with a functional design. Any piece of furniture having intricate design or sharp edges can be a huge task for maintenance and risk when guests or small kids are around. When making a choice, go for furniture that is durable, easy on maintenance, strong enough to withstand external changes, and very comfortable.

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Having been in contract furniture sales for over 20 years, we have an extensive knowledge of what works for different target audiences and can guide our clients in the right direction when choosing their contract furniture.

To make life that bit easier for our customers needing furniture in a hurry, we have just launched a "Ready To Go" Range which are put together bundles of furniture that can be ordered and delivered to your door at a quick rate as their Is no lead time on upholstery! Contract furniture sale needs to be responsive and this way, we can give customers what they want in a short time period. The items in this range are everything you could need to fill your dining or drinking area.

Kensington and Bergen Nat Oak Bundle




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