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Cricket Club Tables and Chairs with the EWCB Small Grant Scheme

As the Small Grant Scheme from the EWCT is up and running in readiness for the start of the 2017 Cricket Season I thought I’d look up the rules of Cricket so I could sound knowledgeable when speaking to our many cricket club customers who use cricket club tables and chairs are keen to make the best of their clubhouse. I came across this great list of rules which seems to say it all! (apologies if you’ve seen it before)

You Have Two Sides
one out in the field and one in.
Each man that’s in the side that’s in
goes out, and when he’s out
he comes in, and the next man goes
in until he’s out.
When they are all out, the side that’s
out comes in, and the side that’s
been in goes out, and tries to get out
those coming in.
Sometimes you get men
still in and not out.
When both sides have been in and out,
including the not outs, the winner is
declared…….if there is one!


Cricket Club tables and chairs

On a clearer note there are lots of ideas to help define your cricket clubhouse or cricket pavilion from feature wallpapers such as the aptly named Howzat design by Linwood.

Cricket Wallpaper from Pub Stuff

Some cricket bats have been put to very decorative use here:

Decorative Cricket Bats

And this imaginative way of storing loo paper has left everyone stumpted for words!

Cricket club stumps holder

Cricket Club Furniture

Pub Stuff Cricket Club ECWB Small Grant Scheme

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