Cube Stools

3 Jul 2023

The perfect additional seating option for any venue. Small, comfortable and compact - the cube stool ticks all the boxes.

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Most cafes and bar areas are likely to have a higher footfall but tend to see people spending less amounts of time in these particular areas. Perching with a quick drink or simply waiting for an order means less time with bums on seats. Cube stools are a great option for low, comfortable seating that can be easily tucked away under tables or stored in corners.

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Our Pub Stuff Cylinder Stools are also a great low-seating alternative to cubes - with a rounded shape and soft padded seat and sides, they can be easily placed next to coffee tables or in cosy corners. As always, these can be upholstered in any of our house fabrics or any fabric of your choice from another supplier (additional charges may apply)


Also a great option for a university or school campus - cubes can also be grouped together and used as modular seating to create an alternative feel for your venue. Chopping and changing or grouping together your cubes can create small intimate seating spaces in corners.

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The Pubstuff Cube Stool can be upholstered in any fabric of your choice (additional charges may apply) to add texture or pattern to your scheme. They can also be upholstered in vinyl or leather for an easy wipe-clean, sanitized, finish. These low stool are fully padded to make sure you get that extra level of comfort - perfect!

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