Cube Stools

18 May 2022

Pub Stuff cube stools really do look the part and there isn’t much on the market like them, which undeniably gives them the edge.  They offer a crisp, clean finish to any establishment with their cube appearance and versatility in what they can be covered in. These stools are sure to provide the professional and modern finish you are looking for, or quirky if covered in something a bit different.

Pub Stuff Cube Stools are the fully padded alternative to a low stool to be used alongside dining or coffee tables for that ultimate cosy corner in your venue. Tucking perfectly away under your table, these are a great addition to keep your venue looking contemporary with that added comfort.


What makes these cubes even better is that they are manufactured in Britain in our very own warehouse! Our cube stools have wooden frames and cushioned faux leather upholstery, making them both a stylish and comfortable piece of furniture.

The cube design of these stools means that you can combine them with almost any of the products in our soft seating leather range and coffee tables for the lower seating option or with our dining chairs and tables for a bit of variation. They are also perfect for recreational areas in offices or school campus as well as fantastic in hospitality venues. Easy to tuck away or use as flexible modular seating.

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Adding cube stools to your establishment will create different height variations which is actually very important for an establishment’s atmosphere. Cube stools give a low, relaxed feel to any venue, whilst also having the ability to look formal in other settings.

We have several different colours of cube stools available off the shelf in faux leather, but we can also upholster these to order in any fabric requested.

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