Desborough Bowling Club – Case Study

6 Jun 2019

At the beginning of January, we were contacted by Desborough Bowling Club and lucky enough to be asked to supply new furniture as part of a regeneration of Maidenhead Town Centre.

Two weeks a go, we visited Jim Macpherson (Part of the Desborough Bowls club Committee) to ask some questions and take pictures of the amazing new space they have once the full £6m redevelopment of the club was completed.

Below will be answers to some of the questions we asked Jim, and images to show one of the best places we have refurbished to date!

1. Can you give me a quick overview of your business?

We are a dynamic bowls club providing both Indoor and Outdoor bowling for around 500 members.

Original drawings of Desborough Bowls club, showing where our furniture will eventually be.

2. What was the main reason for the redesign of your bowling club?

We owned our previous site in Maidenhead, which was purchased by a developer as part of the regeneration of Maidenhead Town Centre.

We relocated and built a state of the art Bowling Centre on a new site close to our previous town centre location.

Desborough Bowling Club

3. When thinking of ideas for new furniture, why did you choose Pubstuff?

Pubstuff was recommended to us as part of the architect’s interior design project.

A view of the new Bowls Club from the entrance.

Close up of the Banbury Dining Chairs

Close up of the Banbury Dining Chairs

4. Why did you choose the products you now have in your Pub?

We required specific furniture for specific areas and Pubstuff was selected primarily for ‘dining’.

5. How much was the whole cost of your Design?

The total project was in excess of £6 million, and spent just over £21,000 with Pub Stuff including around 130 chairs and 26 tables.

6. Overall, were you happy with the process from contact, design and delivery of your products?

Yes we were very happy with the whole process. In addition, we would to thank and commend Nicole Day (Sales and Design Executive at Pub Stuff) who was always available to assist and coordinate this project and was key in meeting our deadlines.
To find out more about the new Desborough Bowls club, visit , and in addition they can be found on Facebook under the same description.

If you have any queries about any part of the planning, buying and delivery process visit our call our sales order hotline 01295 758536 to speak to one of our sales team or designers today.


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