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Does your venue match your personality?

According to, you could be one (or more?) of 16 different personality types so there’s plenty to choose from.  It would be logical to assume that if you are a ‘Mechanic type’ then you would be so busy finding solutions to complex problems that creativity will be low on your list of priorities.  It is much more important to you that the pub cellar is absolutely the best it can be rather than having fresh flowers on the bar.  And taking this one step further you will want all your tables in your restaurant to work in a modular way – this is a complete no-brainer to you – you’ll be able to cope with any size of party that comes through your door without losing covers.

But if you’re ‘an Artist’ type then this constant efficiency will drive you mad! (Although you naturally avoid conflict), your aesthetic appreciation of beauty leads you towards everything looking wonderful but perhaps neglecting the fact that a quick coat of emulsion will only hold back the rising damp for a short while.  However, as you are loyal and faithful you will be forgiven immediately for your enjoyment of living only in the present.  Your eclectic and creative interior will have a Wow! factor bringing customers flocking to your pub or bar from afar.

So perhaps we can conclude that, if you could possibly learn to tolerate each other, the ‘Mechanic’ and the ‘Artist’ would be perfect partners to run a pub, club or restaurant.

Pub Stuff customers usually fall into two distinct categories when it some to choosing furniture. Those who want everything to match.  And those who don’t. (simplified but close to the truth!)  - After establishing which camp you fall into, our Pub Stuff Design Team will help you towards choosing the furniture scheme that suits you and your venue best.  Of course, there’s a very important third person to consider here – and that’s your customer!  We ignore them at our peril but rest assured they will appreciate seeing that you are investing in ‘their’ pub.  It is an indisputable fact that footfall rises when a venue is refurbished (otherwise why would the Managed Chains bother to refurbish, on average, every 3 years!?)

How can we satisfy The Artist and The Mechanic?  The Pub Stuff furniture range lends itself perfectly to this tricky task.  By ‘mixing and matching’ tables and chairs in the same colour wood – either Dark Walnut or Soft Oak which come as standard – all the tables can butt up together for maximum efficiency and a mix of several styles of dining chairs covered in a ‘family’ of fabrics will bring the whole look together- eclectic but not chaotic. Everyone’s Happy! A tried and tested way of balancing aesthetics and efficiency.

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