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Encourage Your Customers Outside This Summer with Stylish Outdoor Furniture

Tempting Fate by Putting your Garden Furniture Out Now?

"Button to chin, till May be in,
Cast not a clout till May be out"

This is the longer and fuller version of a rhyme we’re all familiar with.  Thought to date back to the 16th century there is never a truer word spoken.  Tempted as we may be to ‘cast a clout’ or take off our winter clothes and dust off the outdoor furniture when we get a warm spell in April or early May: inevitably a frost will follow and chill the air again, plus kill off all the seedlings foolishly  planted by inexperienced gardeners lulled into thinking summer had arrived after a day or so of milky May sunshine.

Outdoor Garden Furniture for Every Venue

But come the end of May and we should be pretty safe, to think about final preparations for our summer (touching wood, fingers crossed!).  The garden, of course, comes to mind with our customers heading to the great outdoors, pint in hand and probably a bit too much white flesh on show.

To help really spruce things up, the all new Pub Stuff Florence garden set is in stock and ready to go.

Made from sustainable wood it has a 900x900 square tables easily big enough for 4, and 4 stackable comfortable chairs with arms. From £229 per set.

Sprucing up your outdoor space will help you maximise the potential of any good weather.

Outdoor Furniture with Panache

If your venue is a little more ‘funky’ then try the Rio sets which are incredible value at just £179.99 for 4 complete sets of dining tables and chairs which includes delivery.

And for your  ‘seen and be seen’ customers then how about the Rio Poseur tables and chair.  Neat and compact it will entice the most discernible sun worshippers and the price is almost too good to be true at just £59.99 per set.

Add a Party 9 and get your garden party started.

It’s time to ‘Cast a Clout’…..


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