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Extra Covers for Christmas

The annual ‘It’ll soon be Christmas’ time has arrived and together with it comes the anticipation of a festive bonanza for our pubs, clubs and restaurants as customers head out for office parties and festive family halfway present swaps.

The headache has started for some venues- thinking about how to accommodate all those extra bums on seats which should be a reason for unabashed celebrating but of course comes with a certain amount of trepidation as customers at this time of the year become even more demanding.

One of the biggest bug bears is either not being able to sit altogether or the tables being such differing sizes that the whole party looks like a mish mash and there’s a real danger of losing all the cutlery between the gaps!

It’s a relief for venues to know a solution is close to hand. Pub Stuff tables naturally butt up together giving seamless results to extra long tables for seating parties.  Whether this is in a function room or as part of your main bar just pull them together and decorate like Martha Stewart!

All Pub Stuff tables are held in stock at our huge stock warehouse near Banbury for central distribution nationwide. Quick turnaround and bargain prices mean those extra covers are easily achieved and beautifully resolved.