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Fun in the summer sun

In the words of one of the best songs ever written – Throw Those Curtains Wide! It’s summer and we all need a breath of warm fresh air.

It’s the season for emerging from our sitting rooms and finally getting around to jogging in the park (for a few weeks anyway!) and it’s the season for our pubs and restaurants to introduce Summer season food and drink. Prosecco is flying off the shelves and as customers stray further and further from the bar into the street or into the garden the Pub Stuff Party 9 really comes into its own.

Fill the lightweight tub with eight pints of your customers’ favourite beer or punch, clip it back onto the stand over the ice cooler block and watch them have a ball as they help themselves from the three separate dispensing points.

Why your customers love the Party 9:

  • Only one person has to do the journey to the bar
  • Drinks stay cool for well over an hour
  • It’s FUN!

Why you love the Party 9:

  • You sell 9 pints in every transaction
  • Only one person at your bar instead of 9
  • There’s an instant party atmosphere where there’s a Pub Stuff Party 9

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