Furniture Manufacturers

5 Dec 2022

Seeing the bare bones of our furniture in the factories is always fascinating. The manufacturing process itself is complex with a huge number of elements to make each piece of furniture in the Pub Stuff range. As furniture manufacturers we are governed by the UK Timber Regulation ensuring compliance with traceability and sustainability.  In fact, we are proud to say that the wood used in our wooden chairs and tables can be traced right back to the plantation they were grown in!

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We use rubberwood wherever possible because of its rapid regrowth rate and also it is a waste product which used to be destroyed after the tree had outlived its usefulness in producing rubber (latex). A rubberwood plantation – the re-growth is just 12-15 years.

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Our Quality Control team are on the ground at every factory to ensure consistency of manufacture through the Pub Stuff range. As a furniture manufacture specialising in Commercial contract furniture we specify exactly what joints, glues and fixings should be used in each product so it can withstand the heavy duty wear and tear of a commercial environment.

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Pub Stuff customers benefit from buying direct from the furniture manufacturer knowing that all the checks and balances for sustainability and construction are in place and under the direct control of Pub Stuff. When considering best value it’s always worth looking to buy from a furniture manufacturer as the furniture will have passed directly from the manufacturing centre to the Company’s warehouse.  No middle man or wholesaler in between.

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