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Furniture Upholstered in Tartan fabric: The best inspiration to come out of Scotland since Single Malt?!

But what is a tartan? In many countries today, the pattern of interlocking stripes called a tartan is often mistakenly known as "plaid."  Plaide actually comes from the Gaelic word for a blanket, and is specifically used in the context of Highland dress to refer to a large length of material.

The original kilt was known as the "belted plaid" and consisted of a length of cloth (basically a large blanket) that was gathered and belted at the waist. The plaids were most often made from a tartan cloth, and so the confusion between the two terms is understandable.

Tartan fabric refers to the pattern of interlocking stripes, running in both the warp and weft in the cloth (horizontal and vertical), or any representation of such a woven design in other media (printed, painted, or otherwise rendered). Typically today one thinks of "clan tartans" -- that is, tartan designs that represent certain Scottish clans and families. While this is typical, it was not always so.

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Tartan has an ancient history. The earliest known tartan in Scotland can be dated to the third or fourth century AD.  In other parts of the world, tartan cloth has been found dating to approximately 3000 BC.  Virtually everywhere there was woven cloth, people created tartan designs.  Yet only in Scotland have they been given such cultural significance. Why?

Originally, tartan designs had no names, and no symbolic meaning.  All tartan cloth/fabric was hand woven, and usually supplied locally. While it may have been true that certain colours or pattern motifs were more common in some areas than others, no regulated or defined "clan tartan" system ever existed.  Tartan, in general, however came to be extremely popular in Scottish Highland culture.  So much so that by the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, tartan clothing is seen to be characteristic of Highland dress.

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Tartan was so identified with the Highland Gael that after the Battle of Culloden in 1746, the British government, in the Act of Proscription, forbade the wearing of tartan (among other things) in the Highlands, in an attempt to suppress the rebellious Scottish culture.
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This historic pattern has become universally loved by both men and women the whole world over and Tartan fabrics add a beautiful texture and warmth to any furniture scheme.

This classically highland design has been gratefully adopted throughout the whole of the UK and is recognised internationally as a truly British style.  The combination of colours is practically endless giving those distinctive Clans a look of their own – from this vast array Pub Stuff have carefully selected just four great looking contract fabrics which used either together, individually or combined with other fabrics in the Pub Stuff contract fabric range that will create a colour scheme that is stunning and welcoming.

Choose Pub Stuff's NEW! Peeble Tartan Wine to draw in those traditional deep reds and soft greens that are so evocative of the British pub, restaurant or pub.

Choose Peeble Tartan Winter fabric, if you would like your customers to experience the deep russet tones offset against rich peaty tones of brown and green for furniture such as: Dining Chairs, Bar Stools or Bar Chairs or Comfy Chairs.

Or Peeble Tartan Black fabric which brings this age old pattern right up to date coordinating beautifully with the greys and golds that are so on trend right now.  This fabric looks fabulous on a Pub Stuff Lisbon Dining Chair

Peeble Tartan Mink offers a gentle paler combination for those customers wanting a modern fresh and sophisticated colourway , combining neutrals of bluey/greys and stone shades. This contract fabric looks fabulous on Luigi Bar Chairs and Pub Bar Stools.

Tested to withstand the rigours of life in a busy venue the Peeble Tartan range of contract fabric is textured with a chenille cosy finish and treated to CRIB 5 fire retardancy standard so you can buy with confidence.

Amazing value at just £17.99 (exc. per metre) – the best inspiration to come out of Scotland since single malt! Could there ever be a better recommendation.

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