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Great Pub, Bar and Café Interiors start from Great Designs

Starting out with either a major re-design of an existing venue or a design from scratch for something new is no small task. With luck, you may begin with a host of ideas from your unconscious mind, gathered together from looking at other bars, hotels, pubs, restaurants clubs or cafes and blended together over time.  Perhaps you’ve already begun the process of gravitating towards a particular style of furniture that you think would really work and now you just need to put flesh on the bones to make it a reality.

Whether you have or you haven’t, trying to work out how best to use floor space is no easy task. Older buildings, with their nooks and crannies may be challenging enough but even modern buildings can present their own issues. At Pub Stuff, our designers start by gaining a good understanding of the intended audience and their demographic profile.  We like to fully appreciate how every piece of space is intended to be used by them.

This is referred to in the trade as ‘zoning’. Just as you would zone and style a restaurant or lounge area differently perhaps to a bar area due to the difference in intended usage, you may drill down further to create intimate dining zones within the restaurant, or the much sought after comfy ‘nook’ in the bar area.

You may want to take a big step back even before this – how do you draw customers in, in the first place? What will they observe from the outside of your premises? Using windows, glass doors or outside seating areas to create a comfortable and importantly, visible environment populated with great pub furniture that is fit for purpose, means that these areas will be most likely to fill up first. As a result, that busy, popular feel that you will project for your business will serve you well as the bait to draw in many more paying customers to your pub or bar.

For the past 13 years, Pub Stuff have provided contract furniture to the pub, bar, club, cafe and hospitality and leisure trade and in our experience, these are great prompts on layout to get your thought processes started.  Once you’ve considered the physical structure of the environment, it will lead you naturally onto thinking about which style of furniture to use in particular areas and within that, how you will creatively make the most of wood types, upholstery contract fabrics and furniture styles. Pub Stuff stock a large and varied range of painted or wood finish restaurant chairs, high and low pub bar stools and modular dining tables as well as sofas which include chesterfield leather sofas and two and three seater sofas, comfy tub chairs and dining and restaurant furniture so there is a significant choice to help you achieve your goals.

In truth, anyone can buy furniture, paint, wallpaper and curtains, however, there is a certain skill involved in interpreting the intended usage and audience for the venue and creating a style and a unique look and feel blended out of all the components.

At the early stages and before any buying decisions have been made about the pub, restaurant or café interior, it is well worth scoping out your entire idea so that, for any other decision makers involved in the process who are visual thinkers, they can see exactly what concept you are trying to achieve in your venue.

Pub Stuff Pro Planner is a design service available to businesses seeking a fresh approach to achieving an effective internal image in order to grow their business. Upon taking an initial brief prior to any refurbishment or new design project commencing, the Pub Stuff team, based in Cropredy, near Banbury in Oxfordshire will provide a detailed 3D floor plan for prospective clients including recommended zoning of multiple areas, suggested use of textiles and fabrics and examples of appropriate furniture to suit the environment.

The resulting furniture design, together with a set of samples, will provide a tangible representation of how the interior strategy can work.

A picture speaks a thousand words and the Pub Stuff Pro Planner 3D design we produce is easy to incorporate into any subsequent internal presentations to other stakeholders involved in the decision making process.

It does make things so much easier to communicate because everyone can immediately visualise the point you are making and the furniture layout through the structure of the 3D images provided. Being able to zoom in and out of zones, see where the pub furniture is placed and move around within the design is a really brilliant feature that many of our customers particularly love!

When we came up with the idea for Pub Stuff Pro Planner, it was clear to us that going through this type of design process should be a no brainer for cost conscious businesses in an industry where profit margins are constantly squeezed.  Rather than bring in costly designers who may charge for initial meetings and reports before any design is agreed or furniture arrives, this is such a cost effective alternative that meets all requirements in a highly effective way.

For further information on the Pub Stuff Pro Planner design service, please contact [email protected] or visit

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