Guest House Furniture

15 Feb 2021

Guest House Furniture differs slightly from a traditional Hotel, either a feeling of "Home from Home" or with a boutique theme, Guest Houses are more intimate and personal.


The recreational space in a guest house will not be dissimilar to what you may expect at home. Soft seating such as sofas and armchairs are positioned to allow multiple seating but with a relaxed atmosphere. Large coffee tables are used to create centre points  and social grouping. Lighting is used on low level tables and fresh flowers to complete the friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

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Dining Areas

As the majority of Guest Houses only offer breakfast dining, these spaces are usually light and bright. Farmhouse tables and chunky tables are used in favour of more formal options, these can be re-configured to suit changing group sizes. Dining chairs are chosen to be easily moveable, withstand frequent traffic and easy to clean. Larger dining tables are often seen close to the door entrance with an array of breakfast drinks and cereals displayed.

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Guest house bedrooms often are created around a theme. Whether it be by the sea, in a place of natural beauty or a city centre, It is not uncommon to be taken to your room that is named according to the design. You may find yourselves in the "Captains Nest" or such like, and the furnishings will usually reflect this. Soft chairs are placed to relax and read a book and more rigid upright chairs placed with a dressing table. Stools are used in smaller spaces to offer seating that can be tucked away when out of use.

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